Wish To Work in the UAE? Check Out 10 Industries Where Employees are Happy to Work

There are several jobs that a person can take up to earn his bread and butter. But very few jobs give actual happiness. The following is a list of ten industries in the UAE where professionals are happiest to work –

10 Industries in UAE with Happiest Employees


  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

The UAE offers great work culture where people are happy with what they do. Nearly 44% employees are satisfied with the remuneration they draw from their current industry, many of them belonging to the oil, gas and petrochemicals sector.  According to a survey, 56% Emiratis feel that the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry offers the best salary packages in the country. From the entire workforce, about 44% respondents feel this field provides the maximum potential for professional growth. Job seekers dream of working in oil and gas companies, especially in the public sector as it offers a two-day weekend, instead of one.

This industry is also known to pay handsomely, sometimes to the extent of over-paying the workers. The oil and gas sector pays high salaries because of high oil prices and higher demand for the resource. This is also accompanied by annual increments and other benefits, like hazard pay and hardship allowance.

Industries in UAE with Happiest Employee


  • Military and Civil Defense

Even though the defense personnel are in the line of fire, they are still happy to do their jobs. This is because not only does this public job pay them well, they are also sure of never being jobless. When the economy goes through a rough patch it is likely that private sector employees are given the pink slip but people working for the safety and security of the country are rarely affected.

These professionals are in regular demand and are among the most appreciated resources during a crisis. Military personnel are full of confidence and pride as they are the first responders in times of need. This makes them love their job more.

Military and Civil Defense Jobs


  • Legal Industry

Knowing the human nature, it is impossible not to have disputes, some of which may take into an ugly turn and land you into legal trouble. Let’s face it; we all need a lawyer once in a while. If not, we certainly require an experienced legal professional who can guide us and help us clean up a mess we created or to haul up someone who did it. This boosts the demand for legal professionals in the UAE as they are expert at bringing a legal situation under control.

Not all of these professionals are lawyers; they can be litigators, or others who offer consultancy on taxes, family law, corporate, intellectual property, estate planning and business advisory. Irrespective of the economy’s condition, a legal professional is always considered to be an asset in the UAE because of his sound legal mind, which is why it makes these professionals happy and satisfied.

Legal Industry Jobs

  • Real Estate

There is a plethora of luxury properties in the UAE, especially in Dubai. The job of real estate agents marketing high-end property is highly exciting as their commission on sales proceeds can make them richer by hundreds or thousands of dirhams…that too with just a single deal! Even a 2% commission on a realty deal worth Dh40 million can turn into a whopping Dh800, 000!

A Macdonald & Company survey states that professionals in the real estate industry of the UAE have seen a 5% rise on basic salary and 8% hike in bonuses.

Real Estate Jobs


  • Banking and Finance

Like any other country in the world, investment banking and wealth management in the UAE is one of the highest paying sectors. A survey states that nearly 24% of the responding professionals claim that it is the best paying industry, where Wealth Managers and Investment Bankers get plum packages. As per executive search company Charterhouse Partnership, the head of investment banking in a sales role may take home a salary of Dh140,000 a month, while Organization Heads and Asset Managers get a up to monthly Dh150,000 and Dh120,000, respectively. Reuters says Dubai’s banking industry Dubai is gearing up for another boom.

Salary packages in the banking sector of the UAE are similar to those in London or New York, with the added advantage of respite from income tax. Finance professionals in the UAE are highly respected and get better opportunities for growth.

Banking and Finance Jobs


  • Academics

Education is a right we all seek in today’s modern world and every child should be given this opportunity. At the moment, the UAE is witnessing growth and development at an exponential rate, owing to which the country will require nearly 75,000 educators by 2015. According to a study by Deloitte and Dubai International Academic City, teachers, professors and coaches will be hired to make up for the present manpower shortfall in the education sector. Educators specializing in mathematics, sciences and sports will see maximum demand as they are crucial for development in corporate careers and team work.

While other jobs aren’t recession proof, teachers in the UAE live with a complete sense of job security. Also, expat women are the happiest working as teachers as it not only gives them a chance to feel happy about sharing knowledge but also lets them sponsor their family in the UAE.

Academics Jobs


  • Hospitality

The hospitality industry is huge and offers different roles in different departments, including back office, sales, concierge, marketing, operations and restaurant. But the area that makes employees the happiest is the kitchen! Food has no replacement and the job of a chef remains forever in demand, which means the industry offers job security along with an ongoing affair of receiving other benefits.

Even if for some reason people stop visiting fancy restaurants, they will still order food from takeaways. Food servicing and catering will continue to flourish in the times to come. Catering and hospitality professionals such as chefs, waiters and bartenders earn tax free salaries plus heavy tips. The management can earn between Dh12000 and Dh24,740.88 a month.

This industry gives benefits in the form of tips and service charge on top of the salary. Many employers also include accommodation, travel expenses and health care.

Hospitality Jobs


  • Aviation

The aviation sector in the UAE consists of several job profiles but the happiest job in this sector is that of flying. Pilots seem to love their jobs for the thrill and good pay. They are passionate about flying airplanes and love the fact that they get to travel. There are several carriers where one can find job as a pilot – Etihad Airways, Emirates, Air Arabia, Gulf Wings, Dubai Royal Air Wing and Eastern Sky Jets. Good salary packages with added benefits are the icing on the cake as it gives the pilots the feeling of fulfilment.

Pilots are happy because they can hop from one country to another, fulfil their dream of flying and also get paid handsomely.


Aviation Jobs


  • Human Resources

Human Resources is among the most fulfilling professions. An HR professional’s job isn’t just about hiring & firing, the responsibilities of an HR professional can include many other duties depending on the nature, size and sector of the organization. They have the power to implement measures for the welfare of other employees and can offer them training for their growth and development.

If a company has a great work culture, a majority of the credit goes to the HR. Professionals in this capacity are responsible for organizing team-buildings activities, helping people by offering advice and listening to the grievances and improve the lives of employees. The feeling of helping others and being in charge is more rewarding than just selling a product that you may not even believe in.

The average package of an HR Director can be between Dh40,000 and Dh50,000 a month with annual bonus and benefits. HR professionals always take home fat pay because they’re managing an organization’s important resources, including employees.

As an HR professional in an organization, you will be the first to know about something going down – whether it is a new policy, pay cut or a resignation. Employees will come to you to share their problems and seek advice.  This will constantly make you feel astute and happy to be in the thick of things. Also, there is job security and high availability of HR jobs in the UAE in every organization.


Human Resources Jobs


  • Healthcare

Employees in this field have been trained to be warm and caring, which is how they try to spread happiness around, apart from curing people with ailments. Healthcare is the happiest sector as employees evolve from life-and-death situations, cope with emergencies, work long hours to shoulder heavy responsibilities but still don’t forget to smile as they gift someone a new life. This industry is recession-proof and offers plum salary packages.

Recruitment consulting firm Hays states that the average pay for general practice in the UAE is between Dh25,000 and Dh30,000 a month. Salaries for specialist consultant doctors is Dh73,000 to Dh95,000 a month plus profit-sharing options, while CEOs at large hospitals earn Dh100,000 to Dh150,000 plus big bonuses. Like teaching, medical jobs also help women sponsor their spouses in the UAE.

Healthcare Jobs

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