Dubai – 10 Reasons to Find a Job Here

Considered as the Middle Eastern hub for the most enticing opportunities in every field nearly, Dubai for long has been one of the most elite job destinations in the world. It might bring you into the feel of working in a truly cosmopolitan city, but the Emirate has much more to offer. Goes without saying that by now you must’ve gained a good idea about the work life in this part of the world. However, tad convincing would be completely harmless.


Shared below are the top 10 reasons for you to find a job and relocate to Dubai. Stay close and drop sufficient glances to take the right decision in the nick of time.


1.  Your Finances Secured

Dubai is one of the most financially secure destinations in the world. With corporations readily paying up to AED 75,000 to project managers every month, seldom are the chances that you’ll find yourself struggling with finances here. In addition to this, the absence of any kind of income tax makes you further blissful in terms of money management. Now you have all the space, time and money most importantly to make investments, travel around the beautiful country and still make ample savings.


2.  A Perfect Weather to Suit Everyone

It might be known for its sand-storms and a sunny weather, but Dubai has sunshine almost each day in the year.At least for nine months around the year, it has a perfectly pleasant weather to enjoy outdoor activities and impeccably beautiful beaches. However, the summer months can bring a temperature wave as high as 40 degrees, but indoor activities here are conducted on a perennial basis.


3.  Job Opportunities to Knock Your Socks Off

It sure does sound dramatic enough to make you barely believe the fact, but the reality is – it is a global hub in terms of economic growth and career avenues. Adding to the same, the approaching World EXPO in 2020 would take sectors like logistics, real estate, banking, finance, manufacturing and transportation to a whole new level of revenue growth. Corporations are nearly running wild to acquire the best talent and make recruitments in heaps and loads.

Get your applications going and before you know, there’ll be an interview call from any Emirati employer of your choice.


4.  A Hub in the Vast Global Network

A major reason for a huge chunk of industry experts and big shots to establish a business base in Dubai is the efficient connectivity it brings with rest of the countries around. Of course, there’s a  reason why Dubai international surpassed the renowned Heathrow in London in terms of international passenger traffic every day. So, if you think accessibility is a roadblock preventing you from having a work life in Dubai, then you might want to re-think!

You can find direct flights to almost every major city in the world from Dubai.


5.  A Multi-Cultural Lifestyle


dubai lifestyle

The UAE has over 3/4th of its population comprising of expats flocking from various parts of the world. Dubai being the most famous of emirates, exhibits a similar trend in terms of demographics. Your workplace itself would have people speaking different languages, following different conventions and practicing different religions. It is the high tolerance level of the regime that every individual is allowed and given space to practice their own culture and religion, without any opposition whatsoever.


6.  Easy Accommodation at Suitable Prices

While most of the professionals finding international jobs worry about their accommodation in a new country, Dubai’s got that part covered for you. Home to real estate marvels like the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah, it offers property at plausible prices that suit all requirements and keep you from going broke here. Even though the property prices have seen a dip during 2015, the value offered is comparable to the European market. State government is investing huge funds, hence creating real estate products that suit every individual’s requirements in Dubai.


7.   Your Security Ensured

For sure, security is one of the first pre-requisites hitting your mind before relocating to any corner of the world. Building on similar lines, Dubai is one of the most secure job destinations on the globe. Regarded as one of the top 5 safest cities in all of world, this emirate gives you the lowest corruption rates, minimal crime level and security services available during every minute of the day. The vigilant police force here monitors all feuds and disputes to implement actions on time, hence ensuring the safety of every individual.


8.   An Adventurous Lifestyle

Ever thought about taking your professional life to a place with ample chances to indulge in mind numbingly adventurous activities or trotting to new places every now and then?


Well, Dubai is just the right place for you if thinking likewise. At a foot’s distance from countries like Egypt, Syria and Jordan, Dubai gives you every chance to make it a more happening and lively professional life, be it any industry you work with. In addition to this, the high-end living standard that takes your professional life to a whole new level extravaganza is a rare thing to find in any job destination.


9.   Education and Healthcare at Your Disposal

Go to any part of the world and you’ll find a new version of education and healthcare services complementing a bountiful living, but the case is different with Dubai. What you find over here is a blend of all that the globe provides, offered in the most efficient way. International schools based on British and American curriculum might be abundant in number, but Islamic schools based on the Arabian culture are proliferating as well. Adding to the same, the healthcare services provided are the most well-managed and efficient in the entire Middle East. Plus, with the advent of Healthcare City in Dubai, the number of hospitals and healthcare centers are going ballistic in serving citizens on a regular basis.


10.   The Roof of a Stable Economy

Last but not the least, a reason that diminishes all career insecurities and pet peeves one might have before relocating – a stable economy. You would be delighted to know that as discussed earlier, the Dubai is growing in more and more non-oil reliant ways. Be it the banking sector or the thrust gaining real estate that is all set to re-boom in 2016, this emirate offers a highly stable and secure economy to lead your life with. Dubai’s currency Emirati Dirham AED is also one of the most valued currencies throughout the globe.

For these reasons would only add o your aspirations to work in a truly cosmopolitan and growth offering environment, Dubai is all set to amaze you with its riches!

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