10 Signs That Indicate You Are Stuck in the Wrong Job

stuck in the wrong job


Even if changing a job would mean bringing about a major change in the current lifestyle, there comes a time or a situation where you will have to move on. If you slog through the week just waiting for the weekend to arrive, then you might would like to switch your job. Here are some signals that are shouting that you need to start looking for a change your job or your organization or both.

1.  You do not believe in what company does

2.  You are gaining nothing out of the job

3.  You feel extremely bored and distracted

4.  Your talents and skills are unused and you are usually passed over promotions

5.  Your intolerance for company policies and systems increases daily

6.  You have no interest in doing a good job, brining profit to the company or doing something extra

7.  You are just working for monetary needs

8.  You are always self-righteous, grumpy or angry at work

9.  You dream of finding the exit rather than finding a place in the hierarchy

10.  You are stressed at your personal level all the time

These are alarming signs, telling you that either you need to change the way you work in your organization or change your job completely. Before you plan your exit, you could take a chance and try to better things for yourself at work.


Turn the Tables without Quitting

Quitting may be the only option for you, but before you move on plan for it religiously study what is wrong and could there be a possibility of making things work for you?

What Can You Do?

Here are somethings you can do to stay at work:

–   Come up with one aspect of work that you like and focus on it

Doing this will keep you interested and develop your interest. Doing this might keep you engaged and you might want to rethink about your decision of moving out.

–   You should identify one skill in which you excel over others

Strive hard and discuss this with your boss. If things work right for you, you might see success here itself.

–   Increase communications with your boss

Ask for new opportunities so that you can get over boredom and monotony. You never know you might just land up doing something that really interests you.

–  Find a group of people where you think you belong.

Being friends with people that you can relate to solves most of your problems. Socialize around and find people who can help you grow personally and professionally.

–   Create a mind-set like that of a beginner and show that you are keen to learn new things

Remember when you first joined? How keen you were to explore new things and had a thing to learn new in every domain. If you are not quite satisfied with the field you are in, you should look for opportunities in other domains. For example if front end sales job is not working for you, you should try for other marketing jobs.

–   Write down what according to you is an ideal job or an ideal job description

If things still aren’t working in your direction, you should create a job description that according to you is ideal. Work on it and try to convince your manager for the same.

Still the wrong job? Draft your exit peacefully.

The Ending Note

Working for money is important but if you are only working for money your life can become a lot harder and you would not enjoy your life. Strategically look for ways that can earn you money as lets you do what you love the most. Search the web and you will find people who have easily converted their passion into the business. Apply your skills and passion to create a niche for yourself.

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