10 Things at Work that Can Fast-forward Your Career

Everyone wants to improve their career prospects but promotions are not easy to come by. In an organization, steps to go up the career ladder means promotion.  Ambitious professionals strive hard to get promoted and get promotion. Some could not, however hard they worked. That concludes that going forward is not always about hard work.

Know this truth that hard work is not enough to get promoted. In the competitive market of today, getting noticed is more important than ever.  Even if you are not looking for more money or a flashy title, these tips will help you remain a valued employee for your employer.

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1.  Tell the Bosses if They Are Wrong

This definitely does not mean that you should be arguing with your boss regularly. But it means that if you have a well-planned fact driven argument to what your boss is saying, then you should go ahead and say that. Bosses love when someone smart challenges their thoughts. A good boss is always open to learn. So, if you are lucky to have a good boss, tell him/her about something better you could be doing challenging if required.


2.  Find Solutions

It is easy to prick out problems, but the one who comes to notice would be the one who comes up with a possible solution to the problem. So when you find a bug, just don’t go up and state you have found a bug. Find a possible solution and then announce, it will have more effect.


3.  Control the Drama

Remember your purpose of being in the organization is to ease your boss’s life.  So avoid bringing any kind of drama to him/her. Unless there is a major problem like you feel unsafe at work or you are having issues at work place. So if you have problems with your co-workers, their behaviour (until it is really affecting your work) or any other thing, solve it or avoid it. But, keep your boss away from the drama.


4.  Smile and Appreciate Opportunities

Let your superiors believe that you are actually enjoying your job. This is important because your employer is paying you, trusting you and spending most of the time with you. You are not expected to blind everyone who is passing by with your shining white teeth, but remember no matter how much your work load is or how close you are to your deadline, people take prompts from you. So if you are frowning and snapping at your co-workers, they will frown and snap right back at you.


5.  Note Everything

Bosses do not like to repeat stuff and appreciate employees who take quick notes and keep the knowledge tact with them. If you have any doubt in the instructions being given to you, clear it right away. No one would like to go through the entire process again.

Also taking notes is helpful to you as it is a reminder of what needs to done even if something slips out of your mind.


6.  Don’t Walk Around With the Air That You Deserve It

Actions speak louder than words. So no matter how loud your words, until your work speaks for you, you should not expect to be rewarded. Just the sense of entitlement will get you nowhere. You should know there is a thin line in between confidence and arrogance. In case you feel that your boss does not notice your work, set up a meeting to discuss what are you doing and what are your plans.


7.  Do Not Complain

The managers will not consider you as an applicant for promotion if you have a habit of complaining a lot and that about pity things. You call yourself a team player and then complain when made a part of team project. Today every employee is expected to be a team player. Complaining is both pointless and annoying to your boss.

Rather, if you initiate team projects and make your boss believe that you have the skill called team player in you, you increase your chances of getting promoted.


8.  Ask How Can You Be of Help

There will be days where you are loaded and then there will be days where you manage some free time out. Utilize that time and speak to your manager about other projects where you can be of help instead of just waiting around for work to come to your desk. A well timed ‘how can I be a great resource’ is very useful and can push your promotion forward.


9.  Know Your Job and Do It Effectively

You employer will not consider you as a smart or valuable employee if do not pay attention to the key points of your job. Scribble down your responsibilities and make them your priority. Know which tasks are crucial and which ones can take a back seat at the moment.


10.  Prove Your Commitment

In the end, you will have to prove your commitment. You have to prove that you have given your best to grow the business. It is the performance levels and the commitment that moves you up the ladder.

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