10 Types of Interviews and How to Ace Them?

There are different types of interviews and they come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes there could be just one interviewer, sometimes more. You could have an interview over a cup of coffee, at lunch, in a closed board room, over the phone or skype.

Here are the 10 different types of interview and what you need to know to ace each type.



Types of Interviews


1. Traditional Interview

The traditional type of interview is the most common one where you will face a solo interviewer with a series of questions that are designed to judge you. The answers to the questions would help the interviewer make a decision for you.

The traditional type of interview requires you to be prepared. To ace a traditional interview you must:

–  Rehearse the basic interview questions like “where do you see yourself in five years?” and “what are your achievements?”

–  Review the company’s website

–  Brush up the body language

–  Dress Impeccably (Holds true for any kind of interview)

–  Smile

–  Ask questions when given a chance

–  Send a thank-you note after the interview


2. Phone Interview

You have a phone interview? A phone interview is usually the first step of the interview where the recruiter wants to be sure that you are a good fit before calling you over. It requires equal preparation like a traditional interview, just that the format is over the phone.

Some tips to ace the phone interview successfully are:

–  Clarify the details before the interview

–  Use notes for your benefit (no one is watching)

–  Make sure your phone is completely charged and you are in a quite environment

–  When answering the questions go slow and use hands (gestures make the call more like conversational)

–  Always end the conversation with a “Thanks”


3. Skype (Video Call) Interview

Skype interviews could be next round after the phone interview. These are becoming a regular part of interview processes especially for companies hiring expats.

For a skype interview, make sure you have the proper lightening, a good internet connection, your speakers and camera are working just fine and you have your attachments (your cover letter and resume).

Also dress like you would do for a traditional interview. Use hand gestures and stay animated to keep the interviewer interested. Remember you are fighting the internet to make your point.


4. Case Interview

The case interview is a more of specialized interview where as an interviewee you will be given a specialized format. You could be given a business problem or a puzzle. While case interviews were domain specific earlier, today every industry is picking them.

Here is how you should be going about a case:

–  You will be given some information in the beginning; be attentive and ask questions whatever is unclear

–  Also if you are able to engage your interviewer, do that. It is a great way to build your rapport

–  Structure your solution; a good structure shows that the case is going well

–  Practice your numbers


5. Puzzle Interview

A number of competitive companies like Google are known to have the puzzle interviews. The question structure is somewhat confusing and most of the times the interviewee fails to understand the logic behind the question. The questions can be as random as “How many cars cross the ABC crossing at 2:30 am?”

The logic behind these oddball questions is that the interviewer wants to know how fast you can think and what is your approach towards coming to a solution.

You need to understand the logic and come out with a right and acceptable approach to solve this puzzle. Your interviewer is not necessarily looking for a right answer, but the approach is what makes you different.

When in the puzzle interview, relax and handle it calmly.


6. Lunch Interview

Have you been invited for an interview over a meal? That is surely a positive step. The interviewer wants to know more about you and what you are as a person outside office.

To prepare for an interview over a meal, start with the restaurant he/she has chosen and take time to review the menu, the ambience and pick out some things you would like to order. This will save the confusion of what to order.

Even if you are meeting outside, you should be dressed completely formal and wear a proper business attire. Reach 15 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid any last minute panic.

Use this opportunity to convey your personality and skills in an environment that is not that formal. Though like the traditional interview, you have to be at your best.


7. Group Interview

Group interviews are quite common. Most of the group interviews happen for the position of sales, college placements or any position for which the company is hiring multiple people. The trick here is to catch the hiring manager’s attention amongst the crowd. There are some ways you can strategize your interview and gather attention.

–  Introduce yourself and ask questions of the others even in the absence of the employer. When the interviewers are in the room they will notice the ice breaker and understand that you are a networking candidate

–  Throughout the conversation address everyone by name and you will stand out as a leader

–  Be Yourself

–  Speak with a purpose and listen equally


8. Apprentice Interview

There can be times when you are not judged on any questions. You would be asked to complete an on board job duty as a part of the interview. It is like that the employers do not want to know if you can do the job or not, they want to see it. Writing jobs and engineering jobs mostly have this kind of job.

To nail the interview you should have the energy to complete tasks correctly and quickly. Make this energy come into the picture. Next stay confident at every point and resist yourself from any kind of a situation that can create tension. Take the lead but so not overpower.


9. Meeting the Firing Squad

The firing squad means meeting multiple people in a single interview. It can mean that you have to face difficult questions one, but all at once. It can be nerve wrecking situation that you need to handle calmly. There are some ways that can make you shine in an interview like this.

–  With your every response, engage the group

–  Keep a proper check on your body language

–  Control the pace of the conversation inside the room


10. Career Fair Interview

If you are attending a career fair, you can get 10-15 minutes to sell yourself the recruiter. When attending a career fair, go prepared with your stuff, be seen and heard and don’t just ask questions but talk about yourself and how you will be a great fit.


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