10 Ways to Make Your Online Profile Look Attractive to Recruiters

Ways to Make Attractive Online Profile

You register on recruitment websites, upload your updated CV and apply to numerous jobs. Why? Just to get yourself noticed by employers.

Seriously, job search requires a lot of efforts. If you are a job seeker who has been looking for a response from recruiters and isn’t getting any, then you must understand the thought discussed at the opening. The most common advice given to job applicants nowadays is to update their profiles online. But making an online profile has its own pros and cons that you need to understand.


How to Make Your Online Profile Stand Out?


Here’s 10 significant points to be kept in mind while creating an online profile.


  • 1) Put an appropriate profile picture:

Your profile picture is the first thing a recruiter notices in your profile. According to a reputed website, recruiters spend nearly 19% of their time on your online profile looking at your display picture. Obviously, you would want to look like a credible and professional person who any employer would want to have in his office.

profile picture

The following things have to be ensured while uploading your profile picture.

• The picture used should be a recent clicked one.

• You should be the only subject in the picture.

• You should be dressed well in professional or business attire.

• Your facial expressions should be pleasant.

• The picture shouldn’t contain any logo or watermark.


  • 2) Give your Profile a Clear Career Objective:

While creating your online profile for job search, you need to be clear regarding your career objective. Mention it distinctly to make it easy for the recruiters to search you. Decide what post you are looking for and what kind of organization you would prefer. Keeping them in mind, the profile that you’ll create will reflect your focus and clarity regarding the profession.

Career Objective


  • 3) Portray yourself correctly by providing all your information: 

There are some very basic questions an employer keeps in mind while going through various profiles on a recruitment website. The first one is what the job applicant is portraying himself/herself to be?

This question is often answered by the information your profile has. Therefore, you need to be very particular about it. Provide accurate information regarding your qualification (high school, graduation and Post-graduation) and work experience.

Make it a point to provide all personal information like your phone number, date of birth (official) and Email id too. In addition to this, provide link to your Google+ account for the recruiters to track you with ease.

In case you own a personal blog space, do mention that. It acts as a window to your experiences and achievements, provided that you have mentioned them.


  • 4) Mention your LinkedIn Account:

Having a LinkedIn profile helps you to connect with professionals from the same field. Although, having a high number of connections highlights your profile, but you should always try and have people from your field of interest in your connections.

When a hiring manager looks at your profile, he forms an opinion based on your summary box, specialties and last but not the least, your tag line. Moreover, make it a point to fill the ‘interested in’ box by mentioning ‘career opportunities’ in order to complete your profile.

Join groups related to your field of interest and participate in various discussions on a regular basis to maintain your visibility in front of various employers.

Mentional LinkedIn profile


  • 5) Give links to your Facebook and Twitter profiles:

Nowadays, recruiters make it a point to go for a background check before interviewing any candidate. This process includes scanning your Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are various ways you can judiciously use these platforms to entice potential employers.



• Regularly update your status according to your current situation and what you are looking for.

• Join various communities related to your field and actively participate in various discussions held on them.

• Do not get involved in any debates concerning sensitive topics like communalism, racism, cast, creed etc. to avoid forming a negative impression on the employer.

• Form networks with people who have expertise in your desired field.

Link Facebook Profile


• Follow the industry that entices you and participate in communities you are genuinely interested in.

• Try creating meaningful content that is useful for your followers.

• Many organizations have job-related twitter handles. Following them might serve as an efficient job hunting technique.

• Build your network and get engaged with people who do what you want to do.


  • 6) Use Pinterest:

Using Pinterest in your online profile might add visual value to it.Pinterest allows you to use visual assets like photos or infographics as a type of social currency to denote your personal info.

Due to the visual aspect, this application has caught the interest of many businessmen and recruiters. You can ensure things like pinning an error-free and eye catching Resume on the pin board, following various career experts and interlinking it with your other social media accounts to complete your profile on this platform.

Providing a link to your Pinterest account on your job search profile gives you the upper hand over other applicants in front of the recruiter.

Use Pinterest


  • 7) Mention Recommendations:

Most recruitment websites have provisions for job seekers to collect recommendations and testimonials. Do take time to ask friends, seniors, and colleagues from your field to write these testimonials and recommend you.

Mention Recommendations

These recommendations/references help the employer to scale you according to the feedback from your previous boss and co-workers. These might also serve in your favor and lead to a call back from any of the recruiters.


  • 8) ‘Keywords’- Don’t miss out on them:

The first question that might have come to yourmind is- What are Keywords?

Keywords are terms you mention in your online profile that are either related to the professional skills you possess or your area of expertise.

They serve as the basic criterion for your profile to get shortlisted. Many recruiters search for online profiles on various search engines, which rank some profiles over the others on the basis of the keywords mentioned in them. This process known as search engine optimization may serve as a significant factor in getting your profile shortlisted for an interview.

mention the right keywords

So, mention the right keywords at the right spaces. It often becomes important, keeping in mind the online competition you would be facing. For e.g., if you are looking for Sales and Marketing job, the term ‘Sales & Marketing’ should be the keyword in your profile.

Moreover, some social media websites like LinkedIn also have keywords disguised as skills, which you can get endorsed by your connections to improve your profile’s visibility.


  • 9) Upload your updated RESUME/CV:

Your Resume contains everything that a recruiter needs to know about you, right from your high school qualification information to your work experience. The information you provide should be authentic and accurate.

Also make sure that the RESUME you upload is updated and intimates all the details that are required. In addition to this, include all the skills you possess and achievements you have secured.

Adding references from your seniors might also work in your favor.

Upload Resume/CV


  • 10) Check your presence by googling yourself:

Along with updating your status on various social media websites regularly, you need to check your online presence by typing your name on various search engines like Google, Bing etc. This would give you an idea regarding the optimization level of your online profile and the ease with which recruiters are able to view it.

As the discussion above suggests, points to be kept in mind while creating an online profile for job search are numerous. But, following some simple steps and paying attention to each detail might enable you to create one which is enticing and informative. Keep in mind the tips shared above and you’ll definitely get a call from your dream employer.

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