5 Ways to Adjust to the Culture Shock in the UAE

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Without a doubt, it is one of the most desirable job destinations on the globe. A country that is witnessing development at every economic front nearly, the UAE has been nothing less than a harbinger of opportunities in the Gulf. Be it the seemingly abundant career avenues or the number of Emirati corporations that are soaring with high foreign capital, reasons to work are plentiful.

The world exposition to be held in 2020 has also served as an add-on in speeding up the growth, hence making more global players to foray into the Emirati job market. It’s really great if you’ve thought about the entire tenure/ work life in the UAE as an adventurous and learning experience. However, there still are expats who feel the tinge of culture shock in the UAE, even after living here for years.

Conventions and practices vary from country to country. Same for UAE. Paying heed to the traditions and being receptive to a change in surroundings are the only things required during such situations.

Given below are 5 such tips that will help you overcome the stage and see this beautiful country in the true sense.


1.  Stay Open-Minded Towards New Traditions and Religions

Well, this one goes without saying. The UAE today is a beautiful country offering a blend of multiple cohorts coming from various parts of the globe. You might be taken aback while stumbling over a zillion cross-culture speed bumps, but adapting to the same is more of a necessity here.

Besides the predominant Islam in the country, you may also find regional branches of Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism running prevalent in the UAE.

Even if you don’t understand the philosophy and intellect associated with these, stay on the respecting side to avoid any issues of rift at the workplace.


2.  Learn More About the Country

For sure you have an idea about the top positions up for grabs in the UAE during 2016, but is that it?

In addition to the prohibition on alcohol and comparatively stringent rules for women, there’s so much more to the country that you possible haven’t found out yet.

Think about all the things that will be new to learn, with over two-thirds of the UAE’s population consisting of expats only.

Did you know that most of the public services provided to the nationals happen on a womb-to-tomb basis!

Seriously, right from the food and cuisines, to top festivals celebrated, there’s much that you’ll find enticing about this country.


3.  Start Working on your Arabic Skills

This will be the generic yet most common advice given to you before relocating to the UAE. You must’ve got a clear idea from your employment contract, an agreement that is primarily written in Arabic.

However, an important fact to notice is the number of Arabic dialects spoken over here. So, don’t seem perplexed on facing any questioning looks after uttering a phrase in this language. It might be the dialect making it difficult for the receiver to understand.

To start with, you can learn all basic salutations and bring them in practice during daily communication.


4.  Pay Attention to Your Dressing

Although the Arab cosmopolitans and the capital cities along the Mediterranean are relaxed in terms of dressing, but there still are a number of cities wherein employers and people prefer a stricter discipline in terms of clothing. Women are expected to dress modestly, covering knees, shoulders and skin properly.

Adding to the same, these rules regarding the dress code get quite strict once you start moving inland. In general, all emirates are quite relaxed as far as clothing is concerned. But being attentive in terms of clothing as you move from one place to another is necessary as well.


5.  Meet People from all Cohorts

Apart from the international exhibitions and expositions, the UAE also plays host to a number of cultural events organized by different groups to celebrate their culture and traditions. Adding to the same, there also are social organizations supporting various causes and looking for volunteers. Being an active participant in these would always keep you away from the feeling of homesickness, hence making you a custom fit in the country’s lifestyle.

There are numerous ways to look at the situations, yet all pointing toward the same thing. The moment you learn the art to adapt to the Emirati culture, this country will become the most beautiful destination to work in.

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