5 Tips For How To Be Happy At The Workplace

happy at work

2016 has already started and it’s time to jot down new resolutions and career goals in your to-do list. To get unstuck and move forward in your career, it is necessary to embrace the list and positively chip at it. However, with several distractions in day-to-day life- majorly at your workplace, sticking to your to-do list can be hard, and challenging. Therefore, it is important to start by taking care of obstacles like issues at the workplace in order to accomplish your targets.

Expats relocating to another country often face difficulties in settling down in their new workplaces. Difficulties like adopting to a different culture, language barrier, working style and management system can often become a barrier and show up in an employee’s performance and how they conduct themselves. Therefore, it is very important for expatriates to try their best to gel up with their team members and not isolate themselves in a shell. By avoiding this isolation, they can avoid a hindrance to their performance, stay happy and enjoy their transition to a new country and a new lifestyle.

Nowadays, with frantic schedules, being miserable at work has just become a way of life. The post, however, provides an insight into the steps that can help you remove the misery and get happily engaged in your work. This in turn will also help you become more productive, and enable you to have a good work life balance, hence adding more content to your life.


1.  A Contagious Smile and Sense of Meaning will Create a Magic 



Many of us enter into the office in a lumped state with tired eyes and droopy shoulders. This generally happens when you are either not in sync with your co-workers or you aren’t liking your work profile. To get out of this state of mind, it is crucial to give a sense of meaning to your job profile. Start by staying motivated and thinking how your work profile can shape your future, or what do you see yourself doing in the future if you continue with your line of business.

Question yourself- Do you want to spend the rest of your life doing the similar type of work in a static/ lousy mood or do you want a chance to discover yourself and function with your strengths? The answer to this question will not just help you uncover your weaknesses, but will also place you in at a junction of gratification and accomplishment.

So prepare a plan which will inspire you to try and give yourself a chance to do meaningful work, something you enjoy and are good at or want to spend time becoming good at it. Secondly, get into a habit of smiling and greeting your teammates as you arrive in the morning or start your work. This small generosity will liquefy the friction among your colleagues.


2.  Adopt a Productive Attitude 



Since you spend so much time at your workplace, it’s plausible to get burned out during the course of the day. Therefore, in order to avoid a feeling drained out, take a minute out of your busy schedule and relax. Take out some time for stress relieving activities, make your work space more cozy and home like by putting up pictures of family, sports teams or aspiration quotes. Also make it a point to get some exercise – move around, take short breaks, eat healthy and stay fit. These little activities will help you recharge and hence, will increase your productivity.


3.  Add Weight to Sociability 


make friends

Another very important way to keep happy at work is by fostering healthy relationships with co-workers. Being proficient at small talk, showing interest in conversations, and having a dialogue with your team and peers will help you build a happy environment around you. You can do this by engaging in conversations about their interest areas, sports, general world affairs, any issues that your peers might be facing etc. among others. This will help them feel more comfortable around you, and create a sense of camaraderie.


4.  Avoid Gossips at Work


avoid gossip

Freeze one thing in your mind that you can’t change the people around you. Understand who they are, their thought process and maintain a professional yet friendly attitude towards them. Secondly, avoid finger pinpointing and getting involved in office gossips. The more you will get in this environment, the more negative your outlook will become which will make you sound dull and drift your focus away from the work. Hence, a straightforward, professional attitude will land you in a win-win situation as you will be rewarded with respect and immense admiration from your team.


5.  Lay Eyes on Commendation 



You should also add a point to your New Year’s resolution- to stop focusing on people’s mistakes. Instead of this, compliment your coworkers- acknowledge and appreciate their achievements, both personal and professional. Embrace their effort and always write a small thank you note for your coworker who is helping you out in your task or project. Always let them know when they go above and beyond to accomplish a task.

This will make others follow the suit, hence creating an amenable and a productive work environment. Lastly, be good to yourself – reward yourself on completion of tasks, projects or having a productive day. Either go for shopping or on a vacation to your favorite destination, but make sure to reward yourself.

All in all, following the aforementioned tactics will help you turn over a new leaf by boosting your energy levels and being happy not just at work, but overall. So, follow your heart, work hard, make your day productive and be nice to your mates, and you will see success come your way in abundance.


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