5 Ws to Ace Your Interview: Make Sure You Get Them Right!

This might be one of the most critical moments in your career. Making it to the employer’s shortlisted pool of candidates is itself an achievement. It sure does mean that your resume was crafted efficiently enough to get through the system. However, the story doesn’t end over here, for there’s no one who fails an interview and makes it to the payroll. This sure does get you on the nerves!

Everything goes planned. You’ve undergone ample research pertaining to the market and the employer, worked immensely well on your body language and practiced a crisp introduction to keep things presentable, but is that it?

Pondering over and over again would do you no good probably. However, stooping over to change the perspective and looking at your preparation differently would definitely help to spot the loopholes and mend them. The following is a set of excerpts from various career experts talking about the 5 Ws of an interview. Make sure you get them all right!

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1. What?

This seems like the foremost and the most mentally concerning W. As in, ‘What will they ask me?”. Obviously, the interviewer is going to make sure that you are grilled enough to reach the elasticity limit and breakdown. Asking incessant questions checks your resilience and the amount of time you can spend to find a solution, without reaching the stage of fatigue.


Of course, there are going to be questions surrounding your work expertise and the experience you hold in the field. The employer would definitely want to know the type of work conditions you’ve worked in and the specific procedures you know to make operations go efficient, be it any department you opt for. In addition to this, he is surely going to enquire about your knowledge of the market and his organization.

The best way to answer in such a situation would be to make a personal statement and link it to the company’s long term objectives. There’s much more than he can probably test your nerves on. All that’s required is keeping things simple and having a mock round of possible interview questions beforehand.


2. Who?

This is another important question to boggle your head over. You get a call to appear in the interview and there you are, doing the happy dance already. Ideally, the first step should be to find out who all are going to attend the meeting. Is it you and the interviewer only or more people to join?


Experience by numerous workers has proven the fact that interview is itself a nerve-wracking experience. It’ll makes you go completely nervous if a single questioner in the room is replaced by a panel of senior officials in the company. Professional etiquette teaches you to bring a separate copy of the resume for each member. However, being completely clueless about it would disable you from demonstrating all the work ethics you hold. Also, make sure that you get the name of each attendee right. This way you can have a brief background research on them, hence customizing your answers according to every panelist.


3. Why?

The most tricky, yet the most quintessential of them all, ‘why should we hire you?’

Importantly, having received this question, never misunderstand it for the fact that the interview is going to be all about you. It’s just the common channel between you and the organization’s sector specific growth plans he want to know about. To answer the question, you need to think over all that the company expects from its workforce. The most efficient answers contain the needs of the employers and the right way to cure their ‘pain points’.


Yes, this also means that you have to sell yourself in the smartest yet comprehensive way. This might also be the last opportunity you’ll be talking about your skills, so list all that pertains to the job role and all that can be a part of some solution.

Talk about the industry experience you hold, all achievements that are key to your career growth and the training/educational courses you have taken. It’s all about keeping it simple yet effective.


4. When?

It must have happened to you when missed an opportunity just by a whisker, all because of wrong timing. Well, hard to quote it this way, but your interview success would depend on one thing and one thing only – the right timing!


You might be jittering below, but wait for the right moment to throw questions regarding your pay package, benefits, perks and incentives offered by the company. Relax, it’s completely fine if you want to know about the financial side of your potential job, but don’t let that be the first statement coming out of your mouth. Wait for the interview phase when the employer gives you the stage to frame questions and there you go. Ask all that you can to your heart’s content!


5. Wear or Where? (Pun Intended)

This might not seem a hardcore interview constraint to work on, but what you wear fixes the first impression in the mind of hiring manager.


Dressing right from the interview entails numerous factors that are key to creating the right impression, not only in front of the manager, but the whole workforce as well. Blend in with the company culture and wear attire that makes the right fit, keep things nicely groomed and pay attention to detail.

There are a lot more perspectives that can be put into place and make things happen in your favor. Nevertheless, clinching a job offer of your dreams is all about the right basics in the right order. Good luck!

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