57% Recruiters Predict New Jobs to Be Created In UAE in the First Half of 2016: Naukrigulf Hiring Outlook Survey

More than 50% of recruiters surveyed in the recently concluded Naukrigulf Hiring Outlook, 2016 predicted new jobs to be created in the coming months. Last year in September, 53% recruiters predicted the same about second half of 2015.

Tarun Aggarwal, Business Head- Naukrigulf.com, said “The outlook for UAE’s job market is seeing a shift in expectation of new jobs creation in spite of the slump feared due to lower oil and trading revenues.”

According to the survey, 14% recruiters are predicting new jobs creation at the top level for the first half of 2016 whereas this figure was 22% for the second half of 2015.


Talent Crunch:

While there is a strong expectation of new jobs creation in the UAE, 64% recruiters predicted that the talent crunch will continue in the next 6 months as compared to the second half of 2015.

The results of the survey for 2016 first half indicate that recruiters face maximum talent crunch when they hire for middle management levels and people of Asian origin by 35% and 44% respectively.

For the second half of 2015, the data for middle level management (3-8 years) and people of Asian origin was 42% and 79% respectively.



With growing number of employees not moving out to explore other opportunities, attrition levels in UAE are low.

For the first half of 2016, 54% employers said that they are enjoying single digit attrition rates and an increased number (63%) of recruiters are expecting attrition levels to remain stable or reduce over the next 6 months.

For the second half of 2015, 63% employers enjoyed single digit attrition rates and more than 75% expected attrition levels to remain stable or dip further.

“With demand for specialist occupation outweighing supply, we are witnessing an increased talent shortage for recruiter which is expected to continue in the next 6 months. Overall, the job market looks positive but with a lower expectation of increments for the workforce” the Naukrigulf Business Head added.



Low single-digit pay hike was on the radar for most of the workforce in the UAE and according to the data recorded by Naukrigulf Hiring Outlook, 78% employers gave out single digit increments for 2015 and for the year 2014, 77% employers confirmed giving single digit increments.


The Naukrigulf Hiring Outlook Survey is a half yearly survey which gauges the hiring sentiment of companies and consultants in the Middle East market and covers a plethora of sectors. This survey is conducted twice a year and gives a clear outlook about the employment opportunities in the market and throws light on increments, job opportunities and attrition levels. It is conducted via email sent out to the recruiters registered with Naukrigulf.com. The results are compiled using statistical and analytical techniques.


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