6 CV Mistakes to Avoid (CV Writing Tips Part 4)

Now you know how to write your CV like a professional.

Keep the CV tips in mind and avoid these common Resume Mistakes.

6 CV Mistakes Jobseekers make and you are not one of them


1.  Photo

If you are working in an industry or a job role where appearance is important, you may share photos as per the requirements of your industry.

Other than that, add a headshot and a current one.

Take out some time and go and get your professional headshot clicked.

Some career experts suggest not adding photo in CV.

A photo in a CV increases discrimination and prejudice and thus not in agreement.

You find from professional network what works well for your industry.


2. Negative Job roles

If the reason to quit your last job is not a happy one, just try and avoid the writing the same in your CV.

Bad work experience happens to best of us.

Wrong career choices or job roles and we quit without ending well. Every job role, however small, helped us grow as a professional.

Only that you don’t have to add in your CV.

Avoid talking or writing about these aspects of previous work roles you didn’t enjoy in your CV, cover letter and even in the job interview.

cv writing mistakes


Tip:  You may briefly explain reasons for quitting at the interview but avoid bad mouthing your past employers.


3. Personal Information

Well, this is where many job seekers do not know how much to add and what to omit.

The only personal details you should share about you are Name and Contact.

You may add hobbies and personal interests only relevant to the job.

Never ever give details like height, weight, number of children, religion or political affiliations.


4.  Outdated Information

If you are fresh out of college and looking for your first job, educational information details are just fine.

But if you are have work experience; giving college details will only take the precious resume space.

Even your recruiter will have no interest in it.

As a general rule, never give information more than 15 years old.


5.  Salary

Never add your salary history in your CV.

Your CV should only talk about your strengths and you may discuss your paychecks only when you and recruiter are face-to-face.

If the job posting has a field of expected salary, write a figure with the words ‘negotiable’ and ‘competitive’ as opposed a specific figure.


6.  CV Fonts and Layout

If you are creative professional, yes you may use creative fonts.

Commonly, use fonts and layout easy on the eyes, as you want your resume to convey your skills.

Fonts that make reading difficult and cumbersome should be avoided.

Same goes for the CV layout.

Stick to font and layout that makes it easy reading and your CV scan-able.

Remember, 6 seconds is all that you have to impress your recruiter.


Wrapping Up-

Now you know what to write and mistakes to avoid. Quickly adding few more tips.

Top Tips to Make Your CV Easily Noticeable


–   Keep White Spaces
Do not cram with too many words. Make good use of white spaces. Your CV should not look like a novel.


–   Do not mention duties

Move beyond the key responsibilities in your previous work roles.
Write the impact your work did handling the duties.
List the impact and measurement of success.


–   Think outside the box
Craft your CV creatively.
Add a CV Title that catches the eyes of the recruiter.
Within the boundaries of professionalism, coming with a new creative CV always impresses the recruiter.


make your cv noticeable



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