7 most in- demand skills that you can master under 30 days!

Don’t let this period of uncertainty take a toll on you! Make the most of this lockdown period to upskill yourself and boost your CV. Moreover, the best part is that most companies offering courses are giving away huge discounts to help you get through this period of quarantine. So, don’t miss learning the skills that can help your profile grow.

Here we bring you a list of some of the skills that can easily be learnt within 30 days.

Digital Marketing

Invest just a few hours a day to learn digital marketing and you can transform not only your profile but your career too. With numerous digital marketing courses available online, there is no dearth of the resources for professionals who want to learn. Start with learning atleast one or two streams of digital marketing, like Search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click unless you are in some critical management role that needs an advanced level of knowledge of all. Check latest digital marketing jobs at naukrigulf.com.

Google Analytics

Many people across the globe are making money out of the internet, doing multiple activities, from writing to selling commodities. A little knowledge of how Google works and how you can create something and analyze the impact can take you a long way. Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that lets you to measure and evaluate details about your website’s traffic. It offers actionable insights that can be used to create a further strategy of your business and much more.

Stay abreast with the best practices of Google Analytics. You may also attend free webinars on new topics or subscribe to your daily or weekly dose of newsletter on the search engines.


So how many times do you go on the internet and look out for an interesting read?

Bloggers generally write from a personal perspective and are able to connect directly with their readers. Their experiences make these blogs meaty and give them a good platform to earn too.

Well, it’s true! A good informative blog can actually help you get loads of money. All you need is a flair for writing and some knowledge of how to please the search engines. So start learning the blogging basics and acquaint yourself to how to start, run a blog and grow it. You can find numerous step-by-step guides on how to start a blog. Plus, if you have hand-on experience on some of the more technical aspects of blogging, you can stand out the crowd fast. Blogging is not rocket science and can easily be learned quickly.


Learn or add to your web development or web designing skills with a little bit of coding. Think about starting with coding with simple computer languages like HTML and CSS. They are ever helpful and can set you apart during your job interviews or job search. It also opens up another field of career prospects for people who are willing to learn. Set aside all your mental blocks. Start today and be a Software Developer, Coding is not that hard to learn.

MS Excel

MS Excel looks easy but it is one of the toughest programs of the Office suite. It performs calculations and helps professionals with data analysis and visualization. Considered a crucial workplace app, it helps businesses chart out data and processes it with the use of formulas. It is also used to create graphs and pivot tables. Now it may sound as if only the people working in research and development or finance should use it, however, there are certain functions, which every professional must know.

You can learn about MS Excel with the help of online tutorials available for free. In case you are already aware of the basic formula, start brushing up your skills and learn the advanced level. You will definitely save on time and be able to increase your productivity.


A power of a good presentation cannot be ignored or underestimated in any of the meetings. And what better tool is there than Powerpoint to make the best PPTs. Use this lockdown time to your benefit fully. Learn Powerpoint. You will be amazed to see its array of features that can make you a pro at creating greater visual impacts. It also lets you collaborate with other professionals, share content, add audio and engage with your audience in a completely new and unique way.

Learn a new language

Knowing a foreign language is always good and beneficial. It can certainly give a boost to your CV.

Think about the languages that can help you take a leap in your professional journey. Depending on your current profile and scope of business, you can easily narrow down on 2-3 languages that you would want to learn. Languages such as Arabic, French, German, Spanish, and others are extremely valuable when it comes to a job search especially in a foreign land. You can also choose a language, which has always caught your attention. So have a look today and see what you can find to suit your learning style and your schedule.

Just do not wait. Times are uncertain but something constructive can certainly be done. Make the most of this situation and start upskilling yourself now! It is better to be late than never.

Naukrigulf.com wishes you all the best for all your future endeavors.

#StayHealthy #StaySafe.

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