7 Tips to Make Your Job Search Process a Whole Lot Easier

The average job search process is a strange paradox that puzzles the mind at times. There may be a number of positions available in your industry but scrolling down a page you will find that you are lucky if two stand out.

The process of finding a job can be tiring, tedious as well as demotivating. It is a time taking process. Optimizing your job search can help you find a job quick and easy.

The eagerness of getting a new job decides your job process. If you are looking for a job because you are looking for growth or a change in your career timeline, you might be ok with spending some time in the process. On the other hand, if your job is killing you and the next thing you want to do at your work is to put down your papers, you might want to accelerate your job search and simplify it.


You have your well-drafted CV. You have your cover letter. Once you have them, there are other factors to concentrate on that will go into finding the perfect position and would ensure that you hear back from the employer without the stress that comes handy with the job search process.

Here are 7 ways to simplify your job search:


1.  Modify Your Web Presence


If you are not customizing your cover letter, CV or portfolio for every position you are applying to, you probably would not be called for the interview. Beyond customizing your CV and cover letter according to the company and role, make sure that all your web presence tells a unified story. Before you pick your first screening call, make sure all your online presence shout “I am perfect for the job”.


2.  Do Not Just Stick to Formal Applications; Make Connections


While you are on with sending out CV to formal job listings, you should also be actively making connections. If you do not know the right people, you got to make connections. It does not matter what stage of career you are in, reach out to friends, former colleagues, alumni and anyone who you think could refer you for a job.

Use personalized and targeted e-mails rather than one mail that you shoot out to everyone in your address book.


3.  Focus on Your Why


There are interview questions that never change. Why are you interested in this position? Where to you see yourself in five years? What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

The common mistake that most job seekers make is to wait till the night before the interview and then think about the why of this job. Instead, make this as a priority of your job search to-do list. Consider the “why” and pen it down. Use this “why” in answering maximum questions. This makes it easier for the interviewer to understand as well as makes you feel more confident about the interview.


4.  Do a Specific Research


Prioritize your searching rather than just clicking through pages. You can use filters, alerts and look around in something specific. To stay at the top of new listings, some job sites allow you to set job alerts that beep you at the time of new listing in your niche. It not only saves your time and energy but also lets you to be one of the few early applicants giving you the edge.


5.  Organizing Yourself is Important


During your job search, it is simple that you will apply to more number of applications than your brain can remember. Hence, it is critical to remain organized. Keep an organized sheet with more than the basic job information. The sheet should have the date you applied for a job so that you know when to follow-up. Your organizer should also have the hiring manager’s e-mail and the references you are going to use. This helps you with instant information you need at any time of your job search.


6.  Show That You Fit


Go the extra mile and show to your potential recruiter that you fit. Use your CV and cover letter for the same. For example if you are applying for a designer job, you could use a CV that is creative and different or if you are applying for a sales job you can pitch yourself in your cover letter. The trick is to do a project before they ask you to do it.

To stand out of the league, show them that you are pro at solving problems.

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7.  Invest In Job Search


You should be ready to invest your 100% at every stage of job search. It is about being proactive and understanding the hiring needs of the companies you are applying to. If you want to simplify your job search and land to a new job fast, invest in resources like CV writing and interview coaching. These help you reach the destination without much of trial and error. Put in extra time to follow-up and prepare.


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