7 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

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Employees need a high motivation level to remain productive and focused at work. There can be several factors such as a bad supervisor, toxic work culture, less appreciation or lower salary, which can even make an experienced and a top performing employee feel demotivated. However, an employee whose career motivation and confidence level is high, his survival in this competitive job market becomes easier.

The following infographic shares how to stay positive and motivated at work. You can rely on these tips to drive your energy in the right direction and stay motivated at your workplace!

Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Researchers have been studying and analyzing different theories of work motivation for over a century. But not all employees remain motivated at their workplace. Yes, this is true! There could be different factors to feel less motivated at work, such as less salary, no work recognition, a bad supervisor, an unhealthy work environment, etc.

Nonetheless, motivation isn’t something that can be instilled, taught, or created. In today’s competitive work scenario, employers always look out for self-motivated employees. So, keeping a check on your own attitude towards work is all the more important.

Remember, no other person can motivate you unless you want that. If you are wondering how to stay motivated at work, here are a few factors that can drive your energy to achieve great things at work.

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Let’s understand the simple steps to stay motivated at work:


1. Clarify Goals

A role where your objective is not clear can be detrimental to your performance, thereby resulting in a bad feedback from your supervisor that could probably lower your job motivation level. To avoid making this a major reason for your stress, ask your supervisor to clarify your goals and understand what is expected of you. This would help you to formulate a perfect work strategy.


2. Reward Yourself

Achievements, whether they are big or small, call for rewards. You can reward yourself with a coffee or a chocolate break, while for some big achievements, a weekend getaway can be a good idea. Don’t wait for someone to praise you or your work. Rewarding yourself can be a great motivational factor at work.

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3. Maintain a Perfect Work-Life Balance

Employees who have a great sense of control and ownership over their own lives are more balanced. Such employees are able to leave work issues at work and home issues at home, and feel more motivated, thereby more productive at work. Take out the necessary time for the things you like, such as shopping, reading, exercising, etc. Maintain a healthy work-life balance to rejuvenate your energies and boost your motivation level.


4. Take Regular Breaks

After working for 50 minutes, taking a 10 minutes break is highly recommended to maintain your productivity. In simple words, for every 50 minutes of work, take out at least 10 minutes for a break. However, prioritize your work and plan your breaks to maintain your work productivity. Utilize these 10 minutes to relax your mind, take a cup of coffee with colleagues, walk, go to the cafeteria for snacks, or do whatever that soothes you.

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2-7 ways to stay moticated

 5. Keep your Surroundings Clean

What has this to do with your motivation levels? This is a bit surprising but true! A healthy surrounding attracts positive energy and enhances productivity as well as concentration. Keep things organized in your work space and see what difference it makes in your job.


6. Be Positive

There is nothing more harmful than negative thinking as it can drain your energy, happiness and motivation at work. Avoid distractions at work such as office politics, gossips, conflicts, etc. Think positive and concentrate on some good reasons to work, such as monetary rewards, career advancement, accomplishments, or love for the profession. Also, avoid interacting much with negative people, pay attention to your important reasons to work, read motivational books, or indulge with positive people. A positive thinking will keep you motivated in your work.


7. Recognize your strengths

No one will appreciate you until you are aware of your own potentials. Recognize the unstoppable side of your personality, overcome the obstacles, be confident, and present your clear image. This will give a huge lift to your motivation level.


The result- A self-motivated employee

It is vital to understand that motivation does not just happen on its own. Rather, you need to make efforts to work at it regularly. Choose the thing that suits you and incorporate it into your regular work life to keep up the spirit.

Good Luck!


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