A Glance at the Telecommunications Industry in the UAE

Dubai, the center of commerce and trade, is attracting huge number of business firms. In the past few years, the city has evolved as a hub for real estate business. Also, Dubai is considered to be the fastest growing city in the telecommunication and electronic sector. Plenteous big companies are engaged in offering end-to-end solution to the telecom needs of the individuals. This is the reason various world class telecommunication companies are planning high-tech telephone systems which would put Dubai telecom on the world map.


Telecom Jobs in Dubai

Motivated by the booming financial and construction services industries, Dubai’s telecommunication sector has experienced some good growth in the past few years. The industry offers various telecom jobs in Dubai which include voice communications, graphics, data and video streams at increasing speeds and in different ways. Internet service, wireless communication services and satellite program distribution have witnessed a fair growth in the last few years and are adding its share in the overall industry.

The industry provides jobs for numerous maintenance, installation and repair occupations; repairers and telecom equipment installers; Computer software engineers and network systems, equipment operators and data communications analysts. Some specific occupational profile in the industry include operations and general managers, computer systems and network administrators and data communications analysts, analysts and sales engineers, customer service representatives and telephone operators, as well as various equipment installers and repairers.

Maximum companies and jobs are available in Dubai Internet City. You can get in touch with these organizations by searching for them online on the internet. Another good way to find a job in Dubai telecom is to visiting recruitment agencies and Dubai job sites and. It is a difficult task, but trying your best makes it as easier.

Some of the leading telecommunications giants in the whole Middle Eastern region include:

– Saudi Telecom Company

– Zajil International Telecommunication Company

– Emirates Telecommunications Corporation

– Etihad Etisalat Company

– Oman Telecommunications Company

– Ooredoo

– Mobile Telecommunications Company

There are other several big and small sized companies which have been entering this favorable market.


The Outsourcing Buzz for the Telecom Companies in Dubai/UAE

In spite of the fact that outsourcing might be challenging, there is no doubt about numerous benefits of outsourcing; these operators take a lot of care in the execution. It helps in selecting the right partnership model and right business model, along with that in choosing the right partner. All the operators need new potentialities to handle the service-level agreements with their providers and manage the outsourcing transitioning programs.

As we see the developed markets, call centers in emerging markets are one of the top options for outsourcing. In the past few years, operators in this market have invested a lot in hiring youngsters and installing interactive voice response systems. Setting up of call centers, constructing network infrastructure, developing IT support, networks and maintenance also leads to outsourcing of services which further creates lot of job opportunities for the job aspirants.


The Outlook of Telecom Sector in the UAE

Post-recession of the year 2008- 09, the telecom sector has been able to prevent itself from the after effects. The telecom companies have been making high end strategies to sustain in the long run with effectual and significant changes. There is a significant increase in demand of broadband access. Additionally, if we talk about the whole of middle east, big telecom giants are also eyeing the emerging markets to expand their horizon of business other than adding value to their existing businesses in the developed markets.

The telecom companies in Dubai/UAE have realized that the winner will be that company, which is unique in its ideas of innovation, responding in lesser time and responds effectively to any kind of threats and competition.

No doubt, the job market of Dubai or UAE is full of lucrative jobs in the telecom sector, if you are looking for making a career in this sector this country will be most opportune for you.

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