Top CV Bloopers that Annoy Employers

We have heard this a hundred times, ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’. It is not only true but 100% accurate when it comes to finding a job. When you apply for a job, your CV becomes the first point of contact with the hiring manager. Therefore, it is imperative that you commit no mistake in writing a professional and a well-drafted CV.

The title of this article clearly guides you about the most annoying CV mistakes that turn-off employers. Make sure you are not committing the one.

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Inappropriate CV length:

Gone are the days when the length of your CV used to define your knowledge, accomplishments and work experience. In fact, slimming down your CV shows that you are capable of understanding what is more important and what is not. Not mentioning every detail gives you a wide scope to communicate more with the employer at the time of interview. A two-page CV for an experienced job candidate and a one-page CV for a first-time job seeker is the standard length of a CV. Remember, the hiring manager is not interested in reading your life’s story, therefore cut down on unnecessary information and limit the length of your CV.

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Getting overboard with creativity:

Writing a CV is not something where you have to try everything new to look different. Unnecessary creativity can make your document look unprofessional and annoying to the employer. For instance, making it unnecessarily more colorful, using different fonts, italics, bold text, etc. looks annoying. How you format your CV should look neat and clear to the recruiter. Your CV is not the place to showcase your creativity, art and craft.


Putting an unprofessional photograph:

Some job applicants forget that their CV is not their Facebook profile where they can put any photograph. First of all, it is not mandatory to put a photo on CV, but if you want to add a one, choose it wisely to look more professional. A passport size photo without sunglasses is the right option. Avoid putting a picture from your holidays or anything that looks more casual. Remember, how you present yourself makes an important part of creating an impression on the hiring manager.


Sending a CV full of errors:

This is one of the most important factors that turn off an employer. Sending a CV where what you write makes no sense, includes several typo errors, grammatical errors, irrelevant information, etc. are always annoying to the reader. Therefore, before sending your CV, make sure you proofread it or ask someone else to read it once. Look for any inconsistencies in employment, job roles or education detail.


Using deadwood phrases and words:

There are some phrases and words that are annoying and should not be mentioned in your CV. Do not overload your CV with empty clichés, jargons and unnecessary buzzwords. Some common examples of such deadwood content include “detail-oriented”, “problem-solving skills”, “hard-working”, “team player”, “honest”, and “quick-learner”. Remember, a recruiter is always more interested in real achievements when it comes to knowing your job skills. For instance, saying that you are a “result-oriented” professional is not sufficient. Support it with your accomplishments, such as in your last job role you performed well by increasing the company’s sales volume by 75 percent (showing the result). Sharing such achievements become self-explanatory about your skills and are impactful.

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Sending a generic CV for all jobs:

Sending a CV that is not customized for a particular job opening is one of the biggest mistakes committed by most job seekers. Job roles may be the same, but there can be a slightly different job description depending on the employer’s requirement. Thus, it is important to be flexible in writing a tailor-made CV for every job opening. Each time, keep the focus on adding the relevant job keywords.

Remember, there are several job applicants competing for one job. Therefore, it becomes crucial to make your CV error-free and win that job.

Good luck!


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