Answering the Interview Question: “Tell Me About Yourself”

Answering the Interview Question

You are ready to go inside. The past few days haven’t been easy, really! Preparation, research, working on your personality, cleaning up your social media profiles, there’s so much that you have undergone, just to make this job interview work and clinch the job offer.

On entering the room, you find a chair placed right in the center and the employer eagerly waiting for you. Having settled down and sipped a few gulps of water, he begins with the questions. Leaning himself forward with real curiosity, he asks – Tell me about yourself!

This is chance to impress your future employer, but you seem confused and in a dilemma over what all to include in your answer. Considering the fact that this would be an opener to your interview, it’s crucial to set the right mood during this stage itself.


How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” at a Job Interview?


Shared below are a few tips that would make it easy for you to answer this interview question with clarity during the job interview.


  • Abstain from a Counter Question

It’s okay to go all nervous. But, hurling a counter question at the employer in the wake of a nervous reaction simply isn’t justified. It might just happen that being all confused and muddled in your mind you ask him back, what is it that you want to know?

It seems like a perfectly logical question to pose, but it might paint a picture in the interviewer’s head that you haven’ prepared well for the job interview. Certainly, you don’t want to create an impression in his mind about being unprepared and clueless for opportunities you seem to go after.


  • Focus on Your Capabilities

Of course, you want to let the employer know about all the employable skills you possess, along with the positive aspects related to your work experience and present yourself as a smart professional. And there’s no better time to list out all your strengths that matter for the job at hand than in the job interview.

For an employer, a job interview is a perfect situation to judge whether or not the interviewee matches the job role requirements. On the other hand, it also gives you a chance to say it all in the most professional way possible. Watch your tone and refrain from boasting about your accomplishments in the past. You certainly don’t want to sound impolite or over-confident during such situations.


  • Keep a Script in Mind

Although this interview question doesn’t really demand one, it would be a worthwhile option to keep a few pointers ready so that you are prepared whenever it gets thrown at you. You can prepare a shot script that includes all information you want to convey to the employer.

Here’s a sample to make the point crystal clear.



“I have been working in the banking industry for the past six years. My recent experiences include auditing the revenue generated by all branches of my previous bank and handling management discussion with the staff members. One reason I particularly enjoy working in this sphere is the number of people and their experiences one gets to encounter. Working with my last employer, I saved some significant revenue for the organization through auditing and spotting flaws in the outflow of finances.”

Again, this is just a sample to give you a clear idea regarding what all elements your answer should consist. It’s up to you to customize it and present a more efficient one with quantified details.


  • Highlight Your Achievements

While this is the time to make a quick revert and make the tide go in your favor from the get-go, it won’t be entirely wrong to highlight some of your achievements and likewise attributes as well. It can come as an add-on to the initial introduction, but has to be kept crisp nevertheless. Also, making your answer include a short story that highlights any hidden strengths pertaining to the job role seems valid at any point of time. It’s up to you and your art of oration to make it seem interesting and informative at the same time.


  • Practice Regularly

Either you should be habitual of meeting with employers and answering all sorts of interview questions on a regular basis, or should’ve practiced enough to go through the answer as smoothly as possible. Practice and gabble with your script enough number of times, until you are sure about the statements to be emphasized over. Even if the question isn’t posed, preparing for it will help you stay clear on all that you are willing to offer to the company and all that you deserve in return.

Hacks are endless to ace the answer, but it’s all a matter of keeping the right nerves during the job interview. Think about solutions that make you stand apart from the competition and you’ll surely be on the payroll list, soon enough!


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