Answering the Interview Question – Why Should We Hire You?

why should we hire you


The moment is finally here when all your job search efforts are just about to pay right. It surely gives you some nerves, but this is that one instance that will determine your fate with this company, if it is to happen. Considering that it is the organization you’ve been desperately wanting to join, there has to be a pitch-perfect answer to every question the interviewer asks.

Yes, you have read recruiter’s body language right and he’s in a good mood to test you upside down. All ready to go for it, he leans forward and asks – Why should we hire you?

You think about the skills, the work expertise and above all- a burning desire to be an employee in the company. Too many hiccups, but somehow you enunciate a decent answer to help our case. What happens next is the thought that how you could’ve done better and stunned the employer with a great reply.


Need of the Question


Think about the interviewer’s role. It is to hire the most-suited candidate for the position. Even your competition would be as qualified as you to score an offer letter, so what makes you stand apart from them!

You might be the best in your work, but every candidate recruited poses a certain amount of risk to the company. His job would be to minimize the risk and hire a person who can help in some real time growth. Believe it or not, it’s a career risk for him as well. What if the hired candidate starts underperforming and it is his professional reputation that has to suffer?

Mentioned below are 4 such tips that will help you save yourself from such situations and be prepared with an efficient reply to the question.


Focus on Challenges the Company is Facing at Present

Goes without saying that your resume and social media profiles are a window to your career and the employer has definitely conducted his part of the research, but have you?

Yes, you know about the work culture, industry trends and the kind of skills employers have been hiring for. What stands imperative is the knack to co-relate these with the company’s state of business at present. Think about the challenges the company faces and possible solutions that you have come up with. He should be convinced with the idea that it’s going to help his company’s business and the team’s growth upon hiring you. Emphasize over your expert knowledge in the field and the constraints that you can work on.


Talk about Your ‘USP’

Well, this is what most of the candidates do. Bu you will have to carry it out in the most professional way possible. You might not have considered it, but the real question always is – why should we hire you over others?

There surely needs to be an answer the makes you stand apart from those waiting outside for their turn. If you have already re-iterated over your field pertinent skills and the experience you bring to the field, perhaps it’s time to share what you offer and the competition doesn’t. It might be an internship experience, specific projects you worked on or the market knowledge that is unique to you. It will work in your favor surely!


Talk about your Track Record

Yes, he would be interested in your track record with previous employers and your accomplishments in previous companies as well. Talk about specific things that you have done and ways you have helped the business while working for different employers. Whatever be the way you frame it, abstain from bragging and talking incessantly about your achievements. Modesty is one thing that will always be respected. Get specific and provide him with all the details you can to put some conviction in your answer.


End with a Vision

He would certainly love it if you have a plan in the long run and wish to join the company with a set vision. What triggers hiring decision is the ability to offer a bigger picture with high chances of growth, both for the team and the brand as well. As mentioned in the first point, he would hire you the moment you provide a long term plan and solutions for the company, while dealing with the specifics.

It’s all about keeping your answer structured and having the right approach while in the interview. Your confidence and skills will surely pay off in terms of the right job offer.

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