How to Write an Apology Letter to Reschedule an Interview?

How to Write an Apology Letter

You applied for a position and got shortlisted for the interview. You are all set to appear for the interview at the given date, however, something urgent comes up and you have no choice but to ask the interviewer to postpone your scheduled interview. This happens many-a-times and employers also understand this, so you don’t need to panic. In such case, just request your hiring manager/interviewer in a professional way to reschedule your interview.

Send a coherent apology letter for missing an interview and it may possibly salvage your chances of getting interviewed again in the future.


What should be the Mode of Communication?

E-mails are the most preferred ways to communicate to your hiring manager. However, keep this in mind that it is not an error-proof method to rely on. There are chances that your apology e-mail reaches the spam folder of your recruiter. To be assured, call your recruiter and discuss the things. This is another way of building a strong personal connection with the hiring manager.

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Use a Professional Apology Letter Format

A professional apology letter format for rescheduling a job interview must include both the scheduled meeting time and the position applied for.

You don’t need to go into too much detail as to why you are unable to attend the interview on a given date. There might be a family emergency or something tragic over which you don’t have any control, but you need to sound professional and cite the reason briefly and express regret for missing it. Giving too much detail would look like you are attempting to overcompensate.

In the end, just ask the hiring manager if the interview can be rescheduled. It may or may not be possible for your hiring manager to reschedule it, but sending an apology letter is always worth it.

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Apology Letter Sample You can send an Employer for Missing an Interview


To: — [Email ID of the Hiring Manager]

Subject: — Request to Reschedule Interview


Message Body: — Dear Mr/Ms. XYZ,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not being able to attend the interview we had arranged on [Date] for the position of [Position Name]. I am extremely grateful to be considered as a candidate to work for [Company Name] and appreciate the opportunity.

However, due to a personal emergency, I will not be able to make it to the interview on the scheduled date and time. I request you to reschedule the interview for some other date. I understand that your time is valuable and I also want to restate my interest in the position and hope that this unfortunate incident won’t impact your hiring decision.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding the rescheduling of the interview and express my apologies again.


Yours’ sincerely,
[Contact Details]

In a Nut Shell

While drafting your apology letter, take the ownership of your error and keep your tone sincerely apologetic. You should express yourself in a way that you sound professional and confident in your belief that you are a good candidate for the organization.


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