Asking for More Work Responsibilities from the Boss: Why and How?

While moving ahead in our professional lives, we are so much occupied with stress of meeting targets, that the idea of professional growth often gets ignored. And we generally end up running away from higher responsibilities, rather than looking forward to the same.

The Reasons for the same can be numerous such as refraining from challenging your abilities to abstaining from situations that come with undesirable results. However, it’s quite imperative to realize the fact that it’s your skills that will get benefited during the same process. While, there are majority of bosses who will be interested in employees who don’t mind asking for more work responsibilities at work, an efficient manager will only assign work to a person who they trust and feel well makes the right fit as per the duty.

Before going any further, it is quite necessary for you to understand the reasons which make you stand in a position to favor your career progression. Actually, why do you have to ask for extra work?


Why Should You Ask for Additional Responsibilities at Work?

Here are a few points that will make the whole discussion crystal-clear for you to understand.


Assists in Honing Your Skills

It’s not that you want more work, just because you are bored and haven’t tried out anything interesting in a while. In fact, the corporate arena is one of the most quintessential demonstrations of the theory of natural selection- ‘survival of the fittest’. Certain job duties require a specific set of skills, which are quite difficult to inculcate while working with your daily work duties. However, having asked for further tasks, you have unlocked a chance to learn these abilities and portrayed yourself as an employee seeking continual growth.


Gives You the Visibility You Long

It’s been a while that you’ve been trying to be conspicuous with all that work pressure and the accomplishments secured. Guess what! This is a golden chance to clinch that modicum of visibility for all the hard work chipped-in. It does sounds dramatic, but who knows, you might be the next agony aunt people turn to for all their work related obstructions.


Helps Camaraderie at the Workplace

People boggle their heads over the right way to be popular amongst their co-workers and work in a socially active workplace. Well, why not craft a similar environment where your opinions are valued?

Yes, paying heed to the grievances of your stressed out friends at work might actually do the drill. In addition to this, this will also promote the idea of collaboration between different departments, which stands as a significant area of responsibility during your appraisal process.

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How to Ask Your Boss for More Challenging Work?

Having answered the first question, the right way to go about the whole process is what that stands as the next challenge. Here are some helpful tips in the same regard.


Start With Some Assessment

Time is another entity that you need to respect at this moment. Taking up duties specific to your work expertise is something that is definitely lucrative. But, taking up tasks that neither helps you build a new skill nor contribute to any way to your career progression, would only kill your time.

You might also want to consider factors like taking up new work would definitely add to your profile as a team player. This sounds legitimate, having thought about instances when you might be the ‘needy one’ in future. Hence, put forth the first step only after the due assessment has been done.


Stay Active During the Whole Process

It begins with sheer exuberance to get more on your plate and before you know, you’ve started identifying issues and crafting solutions from the get-go. You can search for tasks that are falling through the cracks and complete them yourself, if possible. Definitely, your foresight would be highly appreciated.


Look for Stressed-Out Co-workers

Having talked about ‘needy co-workers’, start with an active lookout for people in your or other departments, who require help in some area or the other. Meanwhile, stay conscious to help yourself from becoming a victim of credit hog, though there will always be people looking forward to getting their work done and score credit for the same. Also, be sure of not overwhelming yourself with work to a point that your own duties start getting neglected. Don’t bite more than you can actually chew!


Justify Your Importance

As discussed in the opening, the boss should always know why you’re the right person to execute the task. Be it your performance with the current workload or the achievements you’ve bagged during the tenure with the present company, you need to think of it more along the lines of a job interview. Draw instances from your past experience and convince the boss that it’s you who makes the most appropriate fit!


How to Ask for More Work in an Email?

While having a face-to-face conversation regarding your zeal for working on more challenging tasks with the boss is a good option, another professional way is to ask for the same in an email. Here’s a sample Email that you can use as a reference source and customize according to your needs.

Dear [Your Supervisor/Boss’s Name],

I am writing to extend my gratitude to you for giving me great projects to work on and for helping me acquire valuable skills. I am really enjoying the work and able to see the growth as a professional over the course of my association with the company. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible had you not encouraged and guided me whenever I got stuck.

Now, I feel I am at a place where ready to take more responsibilities and challenging tasks to grow further and contribute to the business objectives in more ways. Kindly allow me to assists you in more projects that you may have on your plate right now or count me in for anything that may get assigned to you in the future. Working closely with you will help me expand my skill set and knowledge.

Thank you,
[Your Name]

Whatever steps you choose, your approach shouldn’t make it sound expendable. Asking for additional responsibilities would definitely shoot up your work hours, but it would ensure a healthy career growth in the long run nevertheless.


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