11 Stress Free Ways to Get the Raise You Deserve

Are you yearning for a rise in your salary? Of course yes! Who does not? Are you prepared to ask your boss for the hike you deserve? Asking for a hike is a complicated and stressful task that requires you to be patient and have a plan.

Be ready to face rejection. A common thought that rules the mind of most is that you deserve more than the number that adds up to your salary account every month. Not everyone is comfortable with speaking up and asking for a raise. It is like a game plan. You take the step and wait for the result. If you are prepared, the task might become easier and stress free.


There are ways to convert this awkward and uncomfortable conversation to one that is smooth and stress free.


1. Ask Yourself If You’re Worth It

The first aspect of an appraisal process is the employee’s performance. Before you decide to walk inside the meeting room, be sure about your performance of the past year. Collect data, make notes and have a solid plan to validate your point. Back up your words by providing your manager the proof of you being productive.

Remember, you will have to prove to them that you are worth it.


2. Be Well-Prepared

If you are considering negotiating for a pay from your manager, it is for a fact that you have known the process now and are quite aware of his or her mood swings. Be sure that you are well-prepared before you make the move.

One wrong step can ruin your chances of getting the raise you deserve. A mock session would help you face the situation a little well. You might be thinking what to say when asking for a raise, so be prepared with questions like;

—  Why do you need a hike?

—  Describe your achievements

—  What makes you think that you deserve the hike?


3. Is the Business Profitable?

This should be your concern before you pick up your appraisal point. It is necessary for the business to do well to let them think about adding a few numbers to your salary.


4. Get an Offer from the Competitor

This is a trick card that you can play when you think that being prepared or being confident would not work for you. If you are doing well at your organization, it would not want you to go. The fear of losing you would force the managers to work around your salary.

Who knows! You might even get a promotion.


5. Research Well

Organizations have roles and responsibilities chart that is linked to the appraisal of an employee. If you do not have its clear understanding, ask your HR about it. Research about the previous appraisal cycles from your colleagues and smartly strengthen your proposal.


6. Check with the Upcoming Responsibilities

With big numbers comes big responsibilities. Before you go and ask for a rise in your pay, ensure that you are ready to put in the extra hours and efforts for the company. Find about the next level of responsibilities and be prepared to take them up.


7. Make the First Move

Every organization has different procedures for appraisals. Some might have personal meetings while just some come out announcements. Whatever is the procedure at your work place, do not wait for the last moment. Be prepared and take the initiative.


8. Choose the Correct Timing

Timing should be correct. Even if you are well prepared with the facts and figures, wrong timings can ruin your chances of getting a hike.

Mark your presence by actively participating in an important project and choose to talk to your manager.


9. Sell Yourself

The right kind of an appraisal meeting would be something where you can sell yourself. Do not show your desperation to get a hike. Prove your worth and take the hike.


10. When Nothing Works

When none of the above convinces your boss to give you a hike or you keep hearing that the business is not doing well, ask the manager to give you a satisfactorily reason for not accepting your proposal.


11.  One Last Try

If there is no chance that you would see your numbers rising, you can suggest the manager for a change in title. Ask then to give you a higher designation where you can justify your role and that would keep you motivated to do better.

Remain professional, appreciative and courteous throughout the proposal.  It would be remembered for the next time you would sit with your boss.


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