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Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. A writer by day and a reader by night, her passion is to help readers in all aspects of job search and resume writing.

Hobbies and Interests in CV: How to Make Optimum Use of this Section

How to Write Hobbies on CV

Your CV is one of the most important factors that help in deciding your next move in the job search process. Drafting the perfect CV requires a lot of time and efforts to be put in. From experience, qualifications and …
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7 Tips to Make Your Job Search Process a Whole Lot Easier

The average job search process is a strange paradox that puzzles the mind at times. There may be a number of positions available in your industry but scrolling down a page you will find that you are lucky if two …
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