Looking for a job in the UAE: Avoid these blunders

The UAE job market is highly competitive and attracts job seekers from different parts of the world. With several advantages such as tax-free income, global exposure, and a modern lifestyle, missing out a single opportunity that can land you to a job in the UAE is a nightmare for every job seeker.

You may also have dreamt of finding a job in the UAE, especially in the most popular hot job destinations like Dubai. However, the possibility of why you have not yet got successful is because something ‘unknown’ is dragging you away from what you deserve. It is nothing but the mistakes that you commit knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, it is the time to know what kind of mistakes are keeping you away from your goal and sabotage your job search.

Avoid these Common Job Search Blunders

There are some common job search mistakes that turn off the employers in the UAE. Take a look and nip them in the bud for once and all:


Applying without checking the job profile

Some job seekers believe that more the number of jobs one applies for, more are the chances of getting a job. Therefore, they start sending their CVs to numerous job openings without even properly reading the job profile. This is absolutely a misinterpretation! In fact, applying for the wrong jobs takes up more than 50 percent of your time and energy. Hence, abstain from applying for a wrong job and read the requisites of a job vacancy properly.


Sending an unsolicited CV

Sending the usual, unsolicited CV increases the chance of getting rejected by the employers. It is considered as a scrap paper or just an unplanned effort. If you have not customized your CV as per the job requirement, the Application Tracking System (ATS) will not shortlist it. Therefore, blindly sending an unsolicited CV is a blunder that every job seeker should avoid.


Hiding the truth

Tweaking the important information related to previous employment, salary, job role, achievements and work experience is another big blunder that job seekers commit aiming to present only the best. However, hiding the truth from an employer is never recommended as such things can easily come to light at a later stage of employment. Increasing inaccuracy in your CV increases your chances of getting rejected once your background verification is done by the recruiter.


Communicating improperly

Improper communication can be of two types. First, either you pay less attention to providing the employer with correct or updated contact details, which include your phone number and a professional email id. If these details are not correct, chances are that the employer will not be able to reach out to you and you will miss a good opportunity. Second, following up after an interview constitutes an important part of communication. The best way to do it is by sending a “Thank You” letter after the interview. It is vital to follow up with the hiring manager as it re-confirms your interest in the job opening. Therefore, be prompt in replying to the employer at any stage of the selection process.


Being unprofessional

When you are looking for a job, it is necessary to understand that you are going to enter the corporate world and no more a college student. Hence, it becomes important that you sound professional to the employer. The kind of email ID you share with the employer is one of the factors that give the first impression about you. This is one thing that many job seekers, especially fresh graduates forget to create new professional ids and use their college time emails like coolboy_98, Smarthoney_11, etc. It not only looks unprofessional but also shows your lack of sincerity.


Adding too much information

There is no need to add everything in your CV. It not only increases the CV length but also leaves less scope of discussing additional information with the employer. It is important to understand that there are a few things that necessarily need not be mentioned in your resume, such as hobbies. Making your CV a lifetime story immediately raises a red flag for employers.


By learning these pitfalls, you can eliminate your chances of killing your opportunity to land a job. Keep your job search productive and free from these mistakes.

Good luck!

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