Bahrain: An Expat Destination to Make a Run For

The Gulf for long has been standing as one of the most rapidly developing and thrust gaining economic clusters on the globe. Home to potential superpowers like the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, it harbors a number of international corporations and talent in different sectors.

Bahrain has always been an employment hotspot for expats. Availability of ample opportunities for jobs in Bahrain has been the major factor for the expats to move in and it is surprising to learn that the expat population outnumbers the locals. Located at the heart of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is also a commercial and cultural hub of the region.

In a recent survey, Bahrain emerged as one of the most desirable expat destinations in the entire Middle East. With professionals from different backgrounds and countries rushing to the ‘Middle Eastern Lite’, it sure does validate the economic progress gaining thrust within the nation and Bahrain expat jobs working well for the economy.

The infographic below talks about certain key factors like income tax regulations, ease of accommodation, cultural viability and facilities like healthcare and education which make it rank high on the list.

It also talks about the different economic sectors that are moving ahead with immense energy and a plethora of jobs in Bahrain for the talented to score. Standing against the common notion of oil and gas being the primary source of income in the region, Bahrain stands tall on high growth levels in sectors like ICT, manufacturing, logistics, finance and banking and education. Here’s more about the country. Give it a good glance and perfect your chances to find more vacancies in Bahrain for the coming years!


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