5 Best Paying Jobs of Abu Dhabi

Best Paying Jobs of Abu DhabiAccording to Mercer’s Quality of Living survey 2016, Abu Dhabi ranks as the second most livable city all across the Middle East, bettered only by its cousin Dubai, UAE’s commercial capital.  The emirate, which by virtue of being the capital of UAE is always in spotlight, is witnessing a renewed expansion in economy, with officials predicting it to grow by as much as 5 percent in 2017, from 2 percent in the current fiscal year. Abu Dhabi has more than 6 percent of global oil reserves and is home to world’s second largest sovereign wealth fund which makes it not a national, but a global economic hub. With so much going for it, do we have to wonder why it is every jobseeker’s choice of destination for finding their dream job?  Moreover, expats just love UAE for its tax-free salaries and throng in scores to cities like Abu Dhabi, because in the end it’s the size of the pay cheque that matters most.

Here we discuss currently the five best paying jobs that one can find in Abu Dhabi.


Managing Consultants

Being a global business center, Abu Dhabi is a host to a lot of top multinational organizations. These MNCs are everyday faced with new challenges and opportunities and management consultants offer them the direction and solution needed to remain competitive and relevant.  Their unbiased advice helps companies in improving productivity and overall performance. Their area of specialization includes financial performance, business restructuring, marketing, risk & cost management.

Managing Consultants work in close collaboration with the top executives of the company and are often seen with likes of CEO, CMO and other board members of the organization. Senior managing consultants have an important role in shaping the annual strategies of the company, anchoring new projects, implementing latest technologies or providing advice on tax strategies. For the kind of role that they play, these professionals are paid well. According to the SalaryExplorer data, the average annual salary of Managing consultants is around 100,000 AED.


Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Managers

There is no denying the importance of marketing in an organization. Most MNCs put aside billions of dollars every year just to market their products and services, sometimes even surpassing their R&D budget.  Marketing managers take upon themselves to improve the brand value of the organization. It’s their responsibility to create and execute strategic marketing plans towards achieving the annual revenue targets. While there are a number of marketing jobs in Abu Dhabi, it’s the top job of Chief Marketing Officer, which earns a salary comparable to that of the CEO.  These professionals are paid anything between 70,000 AED to 150,000 AED, depending on their experience and expertise.

You want to be one? Make sure to hone your communication skills and develop creative intellect. Most importantly you should be a meticulous planner, and have an eye for detail. In addition, learn the art of persuasion in order to sell your brand to customers in the most forbearing manner.  [Apply for Marketing Jobs in Abu Dhabi]


Construction Manager

Abu Dhabi has a thriving real estate sector driven by hotels and residential market. According to the new Ventures ONSITE study March 2016, GCC real estate market will register strong growth by the end of this year. There are a couple of high profile upcoming projects like Louvre Abu Dhabi, being constructed at a cost of $1 billion, there is optimism in the air regarding this sector. This is the reason why construction companies are willing to shell out heft paycheques for hiring construction managers. Various sources point to a salary range of around 70,000 AED which increases further with experience.

To become a construction manager or supervisor, a degree in construction engineering or related field, followed by an MBA is often helpful.  [Apply for Construction Manager Jobs in Abu Dhabi]


Gas Operations Manager

The capital city of UAE is globally known for its proven vast oil and gas reserves and therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that gas operations managers, professionals with highly sophisticated and specific skill set are one of the highest paid. Operation Managers oversee a lot of key areas such as the design and development of plants, ensuring operational readiness and process safety.  With their technical expertise and experience, they make sure plant production targets are achieved within minimum possible expenditure. It’s a field job as they have to constantly remain in contact with the production, drilling and other field operators, keeping the plant running smoothly.  They are rewarded handsomely for their efforts. According to multiple sources, the average salary of oil and gas operations manager is around 90,000 AED.

A Degree in oil and gas engineering is almost a must while a postgraduate degree like MBA would further help your prospects. In the oil and gas industry, it’s the candidate’s extensive work experience and proven technical expertise that counts the most. Moreover, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, the world’s 11th largest company by oil production has its headquarters here. So finding oil jobs would not be that difficult here.  [Apply for Oil-gas Jobs in Abu Dhabi]


Lawyers/Legal Managers/Chief Legal Officer

With competition being fierce, companies often find themselves fighting it out not only on the field but also off it, in legal courts. That’s why they need to hire their own lawyers, professionals who are expert at company laws, who constantly work to ensure that their business is protected from legal issues and possible lawsuits. It is their responsibility to manage all contractual matters and agreements and keep the company away from any type of legal liability.  A Chief Legal Officer can earn anything between 60,000 AED and 100,000 AED annually, on an average.

A degree in law with the right specialization is must followed by training in a law firm for considerable duration of time to start off as an in-house legal manager in a commercial company.

Abu Dhabi is the one of the richest cities of the world and has many more high paying employment opportunities waiting to be explored.    [Apply for Law Jobs in Abu Dhabi]

Happy Job hunting!


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