5 Best Paying Jobs in Dubai

Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

By now you must have had your passport ready and all set to travel around for the best of employment avenues on the globe. Thinking over the job destination you want to make a run for, Dubai seems as the most enticing option to look out for. Be it the strongly entrenched work ethics by global leaders in this part of the world, or the social atmosphere that tags along a blissful professional life in this emirate, you have surely carried out an efficient research to help your case.

They tell you to fish where the fish are and a number of sectors here would make Dubai stand as one of the prime alternatives running across your head. A number of opportunities to seize and the world coming along during mega events like the world exposition to happen in 2020, what more does a job seeker need!

However, it’s real imperative to know the job roles that hold maximum potential in Dubai, during the coming years. Here’s a list of the top 5 highest paid jobs that will move Dubai’s job market, in 2016 especially.

Stay close and grasp as much as you can!


Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai


  • A Private Banker (Director Level)

Private Banker Jobs in Dubai

They say bankers are one of the most financially happy people in the world and it definitely makes some sense while working in Dubai. The oil sector might be facing a tough time, but non-oil spheres like banking and finance have seen soaring with investments from global players.

However, your income and freedom to work in your style reaches the next level when you are a private banker or financial advisor for industrialists and venture owners in the emirate. These are one of the most richest people in one of the most wealthiest job destinations on the entire globe.

You can easily earn up to AED 1,020,000 while working as a private banker in Dubai. What else do you wait for!

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  • A Real Estate Consultant

Real Estate Consultant Jobs in Dubai

Need anybody see more, when marvels like the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah speak volumes about the proliferating real estate scene in Dubai. The world exposition and the expansion of the existing free zones within the Dubai World Trade Center authority jurisdiction and Dubai Trade Center Jebel Ali has brought up a number of commercial projects, with corporations staying on an active lookout for talent.

Even if you are consulting on an individual basis, the commissions and perks associated are high enough to make a run for. The medical insurance and personal allowances kept aside, you can easily earn AED 180,000 to AED 300,000 per month.

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  • An Investment Advisor

Investment Advisor Jobs in Dubai

Again, building on the line of thought discussed before, you can easily judge the amount of foreign investments this exotic emirate has been receiving from around the globe. There are a number of wealth management and private Emirati corporations you can work for, with the expected set of responsibilities to range from offshore banking, investment advice, pension advice to health insurance, saving accounts, mortgages and employee incentives. Money won’t be a problem once you are in this profession, as the income scale between AED 100,00 to AED 1.2 million every year.


  • A Procurement Manager

Procurement Manager Jobs in Dubai

Owing to an event as large as the exposition nearing by the day, logistics and transportation are areas that are witnessing increasing number of employment opportunities with corporations seeking talent desperately. Procurement and supply chain management is one specific section that is to see big numbers, be it in terms of new workers or incomes offered by Emirati employers. The median salary in this case ranges around  AED 250,000 per year.

Goes without saying that if you have signed with companies catering to oil and gas or construction services, specific expertise in the field would be required. However, even being an impeccable communicator or negotiator would seal the deal with you. Profits are seemingly high, hence be the best to get hired!


  • A Medical Professional

Medical Jobs in Dubai

Dubai has been seeing number of medical centers and hospitals opening up with up-to-date technologies, this industry has gone immune to any kid of economic crisis that may or may not happen in the UAE. Adding to the same, Dubai Health Authority has been quite functional since 2007 in regular maintenance and development of projects like the Dubai Healthcare City having over 120 medical centers for the citizens to avail. This surely opens up a zillion opportunities for those looking forward to be medical assistants, doctors and other job roles in the sector. Average income range spans between AED 180,000 to AED 960,000 per year.

There are options in heaps and loads when it comes to earning good and leading a blissful professional life in Dubai. All that’s required is the right research with the right approach. Rest will fall in place by itself.

Disclaimer: The facts and figures mentioned above are a subject to change in market conditions.


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