The Scope of Marketing Jobs in the UAE

Well-positioned and creating job opportunities every single day, UAE continues to be a favourite location for job seekers to top the list of most attractive countries to work in. Despite of some uncertainties and tumbling oil prices, UAE has a positive outlook when it comes to job market in 2016. Key events like the Dubai World Expo 2020 have a positive effect when it comes to recruitment.


An Overview of the Job Market of UAE

The job market in the UAE is definitely experiencing a better time than a lot of countries around the world. The government is working at its best to create new employment opportunities. The safe and secure atmosphere of the Middle East countries is further attracting a lot of working population to the region.

2016 is expected to see hiring across multiple sectors. From engineers to marketers, everyone has an opportunity to build their career in the UAE.


The Marketing Jobs Scenario

If you are a marketer looking for a job, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are your best job destinations. The World Expo 2020 is a key event that is attracting huge number of marketing professionals in different sectors. Some of the major sectors that are expected to hire marketing professionals in 2016 are:

–   Hospitality

–   FMCG

–   Pharmaceutical

–   Consumer Electronics

–   Tourism

–   Media Agencies

–   Manufacturing


Skills Required to Grab a Marketing Job

Getting a marketing job requires you to have some essential skills.

Given below are five skills that will help you grab a marketing job in the UAE:

marketing job in uae

– Efficient Interpersonal Skills

Being sound with people is one of the basic requirements of a marketing professional. A marketing job in the UAE or anywhere else in the world would require you to have efficient intrapersonal skills. Especially in the UAE that is home to nearly 8 million expats from all around the world, communicating efficiently with people from different cultures would be a vital part of the everyday job of a marketer. This quality is required to understand the business needs, communicate the same to the team and then converting them into a successful campaign.


– An Understanding of the Market and the Customers:

Being a marketing personnel in the UAE would require you to tap the psyche of people about the preference of a set of goods and services. Some commercial awareness would help you succeed in a marketing role. This holds true for any region and any part of the world. Keep an active eye for updates from the financial market and trade publications. Tourism, hospitality and luxury goods markets are some sectors that actively require you to understand the psyche of your consumers.


– Analytical Skills:

An analytical mind is something that every job description for a marketing professional states. A number of organizations require professionals who can analyse the large data that they have to deal with and utilize it to infer the particulars with reference to consumer behaviour. You also need this skills to build and establish a brand and make it go viral.


– A Holistic Approach:

An interconnected, integrated approach is what future marketers are expected to have. From banners to twitter feeds, it is important for a marketing manager to understand the mix of all marketing plans.


– Project Management Skills:

Today’s businesses are dependent a lot on projects which are responsible for profit making in an organization. From a simple project to a complex one, a marketing professional requires to have project management skills.


Money Matters

On an average the average monthly salary that you can expect as a marketing professional in the UAE is DH 17,200 – DH 30,000 depending on the seniority and work level.

In the UAE, Abu Dhabi has the highest packages for marketing professionals followed by Dubai.


Job Titles You Can Look For

There are a number of job titles you could be looking for when it comes to marketing jobs in the UAE. Here is a list of some of the most commonly searched job titles that come under marketing category:

–  Assistant Marketing Manager

–  Brand Manager

–  Business Development Executive

–  Business Development Manager

–  Marketing Manager

–  Marketing Officer

–  Marketing Specialist


If you are in the field of marketing and looking for a career jump, the UAE has a number of lucrative job offers for you.

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