How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Employment?

Those who are working in the capacity of a manager or as a supervisor must have received or are more likely to get requests for writing a letter of recommendation for their employees. It feels great to be considered as …
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Sample Letter of Appreciation for Your Star Performers

No matter how big your department is and how many people work under you, if you don’t recognize the hours of dedication and efforts of your employees, you are giving them all the chances to feel demotivated. Your star performers …
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Human Resources (HR) Assistant Job Description Sample

Human resource assistants are one of the most crucial people in an organization as they help HR directors and managers accomplish HR-related tasks. Given their all-encompassing role, HR assistants are involved with a vast list of tasks, be it documenting …
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Secretary Job Description Sample

A Secretary is one of the most important roles in an organization as the job requires someone who can manage a diverse set of administrative tasks. These tasks are generally of clerical and organizational in nature and also involve undertaking …
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Human Resources Manager Job Description

Human Resource (HR) managers add value to employers by hiring new talent, and planning executive programs and company policies to achieve strategic objectives of the company. The following job description would help you draft an outstanding HR manager job description …
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How to Write a Salary Certificate Sample, Salary Certificate Format?

Salary Certificate

There are times when the employees ask their employers for a salary certificate. Now, the finance department sends a salary slip every month once the salary is paid out to the employee. The purpose of a salary slip is completely …
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