Administrative Assistant Job Description Sample

It is a well-known fact that the job seekers do get nervous when it comes to draft an attractive resume that impresses recruiters. However, recruiters too have to go through such pressure when they have to create an equally impressive …
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Popular Methods of Performance Appraisal in Corporates

So here comes the most crucial time of the year. A time when the performance of the employees is evaluated, assessed and discussed thoroughly. It’s a task of a manager to communicate weaknesses and strengths of the team members, while …
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Tips to Promote Effective Teamwork in the Workplace

  If a person takes an hour to complete a task, how long will it take two people to complete the task? The mathematical answer would be ’30 minutes’. This example clearly shows the importance of teamwork. Additionally, when working …
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How to Write an Effective Job Description?

Despite having resources available in abundance, recruitment is still a competitive industry. Hiring managers across organizations want to hire the best candidates for crucial job roles. However, the first step needed in this direction is to craft a compelling, easy-to-understand, …
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How to Cancel an Interview with a Candidate, Politely?

How to Cancel aInterview

Cancelling a job interview with a candidate is one of the most daunting tasks for a recruiter/hiring manager. After all, the responsibility of maintaining a positive image of the company among candidates lies on their shoulders. Though recruiters/hiring managers try …
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How to Attract the Best Talent for Your Company?

Despite being a small part, a cog plays an important role in making sure that the wheel/machine keeps working. It is the same for organizations where employees can be compared to cogs. Human resources are the most crucial assets of …
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