Accounts Assistant Job Description Sample

Accounts Assistant Job Description

Just as a job seeker makes his / her CV attractive to grab the attention of prospective employers, prospective employers are also required to make their job offer attractive enough to get good candidates to apply at their organizations. A …
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5 Ways to Gather Constructive Feedback from Your Employees

The higher your position gets in an organization, less the chances are of receiving constructive feedback based on different parameters such as performance, ideas or strategy. Who wants to offend the boss? Employees do not realize that without their input, …
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How to Motivate Your Employees? [Infographic]

Keeping your employees engaged and motivated is the key to your company’s success. Happy workers are productive and create a happy environment. As a manager, you have to focus on optimizing revenue and employee productivity, which can be ensured only …
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Effective Ways to Communicate with Your Team

“It’s not what you say, but how you say”- This old aphorism says everything about the importance of communication skills. Communication plays a key role in a leadership position, differentiating a great leader from an inefficient one. An effective communication …
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Factors that Turn Off Your Job Seekers in the UAE

Job seekers in today’s competitive job market are skilled, experienced and smart. They believe in accepting the best job offers and perks. The UAE is one of the most popular destinations in the Gulf to live and work. However, if …
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An Exit Interview With Your Employees: Why And How To Go About It?

It sure did take immense hard work to build up a team and one that fetches your organization the kind of productivity it was hungry for. However, things seem to go in the other direction when attrition keeps happening at …
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