The Changing Face of Job Search in 2017. Here’s All You Need to Know


In this modern age which is dominated by technology, the way most things are done are significantly and constantly changing. The same thing is true in the case of job search. A few decades ago, the trend was to check the newspapers for classified job ads. Cut to present, we have moved to online job boards to look for and applying at current and trending hot jobs. Technology has played a big role in changing the way people find a job these days.

Here are some interesting changes job seeker can expect to see while searching for jobs in 2017:


1. Increased emphasis on skills:

In the present day, more and more organizations are adopting a flatter organizational structure with fewer levels of management. Hence, the entire spotlight is going to be on the candidate skills. The focus is slowly shifting from the experience and qualification to the kinds of skills a candidate possesses and whether or not these skills can be utilized for the job role s/he has applied for.

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2. A rise in reverse reference check:

For many years, employers have been performing a background check of their candidates with the references provided to them. The tables have turned. Instead of taking the company’s word, job seekers are doing everything in their power to gain a better understanding of the job role and the company work culture by talking to employees already placed with the company. This means that the companies will have to work equally hard to keep their employees happy.


3. Job interviews through video applications:

Employers today are not limited by the geographical boundaries for finding their ideal job candidates. They are open to inviting people from across the globe. This means the employers are moving away from traditional methods of conducting job interviews and adopting new ways such as Skype and other video applications. In fact, companies are using this form of communication for conducting interviews of local candidates also because it is easy.


4. Upsurge in remote work:

The concept of remote work has been there for quite some time and it is expected to grow further in the coming years. This is especially true for smaller companies which are trying to go global. Instead of setting up a base in a foreign country and sending its employees from the home country to run the unit, companies are opting to hire resources directly in the foreign country who can work from their home. It is cheap and effective. On the flip side, remote employees also enjoy the benefits of working from their choice of place and decide their work hours.


5. More power to job seekers to design their own career:

Here’s good news for the job seekers. In 2017, they are expected to have more control over their careers. Gone are days when they use to accept a job simply because it pays well. Today, professionals look for companies and work that matches their personality and values. Employers are equally supportive of this trend as they too are keen on searching for their ideal candidates.


The above-mentioned job search tips will help you approach the job search in a more focused manner and take your career to new heights in 2017.

All the best!


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