Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Virtual Job Interview

Video Interview Mistake
Virtual interviews have become a reality now. Given the current situation wherein social distancing has become a norm, more and more employers are gearing up for virtual interviews to hire talent. And as an active job seeker, you very well understand that getting a job interview scheduled is not something easily reached. This is why you won’t want to take any chance to mess it up.

Outlined below are some tips to help you ace your next virtual job interview –

1. Not checking the technology: Not all the people are well versed with the technology and gadgets. In case you too are one of them, ensure you know how to use it for your interview beforehand. Know the platform which has been shared by the HR for the interview. This could be any video sharing platform like Google Hangout, MS Teams, or any other. Understand how to come online and start the video chat, how to switch on/off the camera and mic. These are small things but are highly important during a virtual job interview.

2. Not checking the camera settings: At times, we rely too much on our gadgets and believe they will not fail during the given task or event. However, it is a machine and can stop working any time. So don’t take a chance or wait for the last minute hiccups. It is better to check the working of all the required stuff; camera or mic or headphones settings before the job interview.

3. Not researching the company: Irrespective of whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, you must read about the company before the interview. Know its product and services, its vision and future plans. This will also help you to understand if it makes a good choice for you in the long term. Demonstrate your interest in the company and the job which will only show up if you are well acquainted with the company or know why you want the job. Whether it is IT Companies, Construction Companies, Real Estate Companies choose according to your Skill and requirement.

4. Not preparing for interview questions: Lack of preparation is a deal-breaker. With growing experience, we tend to gain natural confidence and start overlooking the importance of preparation. However, you should always stay on the top of your data and stay prepared related to your job interview questions. Analyze the job description and your match with it. If you are not really prepared for the interview, it will be obvious to the interviewer.

5. Showing up late: Treat your virtual job interview the same way as you any in-person job interview. Never turn up late for it. Making your hiring manager wait for you is possibly the worst start of the interview and would leave a bad impression as well. Be online at least 15 minutes before. As soon as the interview begins, greet your interviewer as soon as they come online.

6. Dominating the discussion: Be a good listener along with a good speaker. Since it is a virtual interview, you may want to add the dead air with some interesting conversations. However, this should not led you to dominate the discussion. Allow the other person to ask you relevant interview questions and answer accordingly. Let your interviewer complete his query. You take a small pause and don’t jump to the answer instantly.

7. Not avoiding distractions: Keep your cell phone on silent and focus your attention on the interview and the interviewers.

We all make mistakes but try to avoid these above-mentioned errors for a perfect virtual job interview. Once you are done with it, don’t forget to send a thank-you note to the interviewer and politely ask when you can follow up.

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All the best!

FAQ’s Related to Virtual Interview Mistakes

Q1. What is a virtual job interview?
A1. A job interview that takes place online using video technology for the interaction instead of meeting face to face is known as a virtual interview.

Q2. How should I dress for a virtual interview?
A2. For any job interview; be it in-person or virtual, always opt for formal attire. It leaves a good impression about your self-awareness and professional etiquette. It also adds to your confidence as you feel more prepared.
Why are recruiters choosing virtual interviews over in-person interviews?
Amid the current Covid-19 crisis, everyone is supposed to follow social distancing to stay safe. Video interviews offer to evaluate candidates virtually without any requirement of in-person interaction. Moreover, it saves time and is a cost-effective solution for hiring managers as well as candidates.

Q3. How do virtual interviews work?
A3. Virtual interviews are carried out using a video sharing technology, wherein you need to set up the system’s camera and mic to speak to interact with the hiring manager. Always test your technology 2-3 days before the actual interview, Try practicing with a mock interview. This will help you to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Q4. What are the tips to master a virtual interview?
A4. Ensure the following tips to ace your next virtual interview:
1. Test your technology
2. Set the scene and avoid distractions
3. Prepare well for the interview
4. Practice common HR interview questions. Don’t cram the answers.
5. Be careful about your body language
6. Dress appropriately and formally
7. Be Yourself
8. Immediately Follow Up

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