Looking for Jobs in Muscat, Oman? Consider These Sectors

Muscat, the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman, is not much popular among expat job seekers. However, looking for job vacancies in Muscat, Oman will definitely prove to be beneficial as the city never fails to surprise. Over the years, it has built a great reputation for itself as a great job destination. Moreover, positive results revealed by the coveted the HSBC Expat Explorer survey are a true testament to Muscat, Oman’s awesomeness. The 2017 survey revealed the following great things about Oman:

‎✓  It offers unparalleled wage growth as compared to other job destinations.

‎✓  It lets expats save more.

‎✓  It offers a great work-life balance.

‎✓  It is easy to make friends, thanks to the country’s friendly local population.


Being the capital city of Oman, all the above-mentioned benefits are easily witnessed and experienced in Muscat.


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For those looking for work, here are some of the key sectors in which expats can consider getting a job in Muscat, Oman:


1. Oil & Gas

Just like the rest of the GCC country, the oil and gas sector is the major contributor to Oman’s economy. The sector contributes over half of the country’s GDP and is responsible for generating almost 80% of the government revenue. The Omani government has plans underway for upgrading and modernizing the existing oil and gas infrastructure to ensure optimal usage of the natural resources. All these plans will open more employment opportunities in Oman. Hence, those looking for oil and gas jobs must keep an eye on the country’s job market.


  1. 2. Power

According to a seven-year outlook for power demand released by the Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP), Oman’s peak average annual growth in power demand is projected to rise to 9,529 MW by 2022. To meet the increasing power demand, the country will have to invest from its own funds or invite outside investment in the power generation, transmission and distribution areas. It is very much possible that the increased investment and development will open new doors for those looking for jobs in the power sector in Muscat, Oman.


  1. 3. Construction

The US market research firm, Business Monitor International (BMI) Research has predicted that in the coming years, Oman will become an active market as far as the construction sector is concerned. The research firm has also predicted that the country’s construction sector will experience a good growth rate annually over the next few years. The credit for this can be given to the Omani government that is focusing on developing better transport infrastructure, energy & utility facilities, housing, seaports, airports, railway lines, and special economic zones. An additional positive outcome of all these efforts will be increased job opportunities in the construction industry of Oman.


  1. 4. Travel & Tourism

As per the World Travel and Tourism Council’s economic impact report for 2017, Oman ranked 9th in the world in terms of overall tourism industry growth. The number of tourists visiting the country has been increasing and this has caught the attention of the Omani government, which is now planning to expand the tourism sector. One of the reasons behind the country’s growing popularity as a travel destination could be its reputation of being one of the safest destinations which the government wants to leverage further. Towards this, many construction projects have been proposed and many are underway for establishing sites and places of tourist interests in Muscat and the rest of the country. As a result, more employment avenues related to travel and tourism will open in the Sultanate.


  1. 5. Logistics

To develop Oman’s economy further, the focus on the country’s logistics sector has increased manifold. The sector is one of the biggest contributors to Oman’s GDP and also plays an important role in increasing the country’s competitiveness, inward investment, and non-oil exports. With plans and projects underway for the development of railway lines, seaports, and special economic zones, the sector will continue to see a growth trend which will further result in increased employment opportunities. Being located on the strategic axis of the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf, Oman has a massive geographic advantage that makes for accessible trade routes and fast transit times.

The country is on its way to economic progress and diversifications. The various plans and investments planned by the Omani government will not just have a positive impact on the country’s economy; it will also open many new avenues for the job seekers as well.

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