How To Customize Your Resume (CV Writing Tips Part 1)

Writing a CV and not getting any job interview email from companies.

Maybe your CV is not catching the recruiter’s attention.

What You Need to Do Now?

Write a CV like a professional expert.

How? Pick any online CV Templates and make your resume. This is a good idea to get a correct CV format.

But you need to customize it.

You Think- How and why to customize the CV?

You have added the skills, experience, education qualifications and everything important as per the CV template.

cv writing tips-1

A CV Template helps you start and write down the points. But for every job role, you have to tweak and add information relevant to the requirement.

Or you CV would never land you the job interview.

And if you have a good number of years of work experience and achievements, you need to say the right way to highlight the achievements to your future employer.

Let Naukrigulf help you with how to use the CV Templates and customize it.

You do not have to use the same old overused CV sample templates because now you can write your CV like a Professional.

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Make the First Correct Impression with Your CV

As per career experts, recruiters spend only six seconds to read your CV.

Yes, you read that correctly! Six seconds!

All you have is 6 seconds to impress your recruiter.

How do you want to those six seconds to count? You think a little bit of luck goes in getting your resume into the recruiter’s hand.


You have to work hard and create a job winning CV that is

— downloaded by the recruiter

— makes in first rounds of screening

— increases your chances of getting shortlisted

Take out time to polish important sections of CV where recruiter pays attention at the first glance.

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For instance, if you are fresh out of college and looking for first job, your CV emphasize should be your college education and skills.

But if you have interned in advertising company and applying for a similar job role, it makes more sense to add the internship on top of your CV.

There is no strict rule for entry level job application CVs to add education on top.

#Jobs #Experienced #Jobseekers

To make a first good impression with your CV, you also have to understand the expectations of the job role as well as company’s culture.

If you have work experience, choose a CV format and layout as your industry. Because hiring managers see CV’s differently, as there are generational and industry differences.

Traditional CV Format works well and gets employer’s attention.

For example a finance professional could use a traditional format CV.

But if you are a graphic design or a social media job role, and mail a traditional format CV, you might not get the same attention and more chances are your CV going in the dustbin. shares some of the CV Templates as per industry.

How to Write a CV for English Teaching Job Abroad

How to Write a Resume for a Banking and Finance Job

How to Write a Resume for Business Development Manager

Use the CV templates and customize as per your industry requirements and job role.

Always remember, the CV templates are the basic guide to give you an idea how you should format your resume.

As a job seeker, you should know that

–  One size doesn’t fit all

–  May not include your unique skill

–  May not add all your attributes


5 Tips to Quickly Customize Your CV

–  Give specific examples of leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills
–  Highlight recent job-related certifications
–  Write a ‘qualifications summary’ rather than an ‘objective’
–  Leave out irrelevant information like high school and college references
–  Use words that better reflect your industry

cv writing tips-3


To get the job interview call, job application emails and your CV should convey the same personal statement.

Read about  personal statement (also known as elevator pitch) in Part II


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