How to Write a CV Objective ? [Samples Given]

CV objective is often the unsung hero of all the CV elements. It is easy to fill up your experiences and skills; but when it comes to the objective part, candidates are often left confused about what they should put in that section. Usually, the least importance is given to writing the statement part and its necessity is also questioned. Maybe it is not always necessary, but if you can write a killer CV objective, you may end up having one foot on the job already.

If you can portray wonderfully about your career expectations and at the same time describe how you are the perfect fit for the job, you make the recruiter’s job easier to sort the CV as per the job requirement.

Following are some tips on how to write a good career objective that will grab the attention of the recruiter:


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Be Clear About Your Career Expectations

CV objective is a brief of your work experience and your career aspirations. So you must be very clear about your professional career objective. Writing a vague career statement is not going to help your cause. You should know your expectations from the organization you are willing to join. If you can make it worth reading and convince the interviewer about your aspirations, then you can grab his attention.


Relate Your Objective to the Job Profile

Always relate your CV objective to the job profile you are applying for. Making the CV objective all about the accomplishments is a mistake most fresh graduates make. If you check out the best CV objective samples on the internet, you will see that the objectives are created as per the specific job profiles.


Mention the Values You will Add to the Company

Anyone hiring you will obviously look for what you can offer to the company. So it is important that you focus on the skills and values that you will add to the business. You need to sell your CV so that the recruiters know you are skilled enough for the position.


Make it Brief

CV objective should be clear and concise. You should not go on and on about your whole professional life and aspirations. No interviewer has the time to read that much and also it will eat up a lot of your CV space. The only ‘objective’ is to catch the eye of the interviewer; nothing less or more than that.


One Format Does Not Fit All

Your professional career objective should change according to the job you are applying. You need to know that there is not a universal format that will fit all types of job applications. You will have to customize it every time you are sending out a job application. It speaks directly to the interviewer about your profile match and your interest goes a long way in securing an interview call or even the job.


CV objective is all about how you can make the recruiter like your CV in a single glance. Follow the above points and you have a high chance of being on the positive side of the recruiter.


Here are Some CV Objective Samples to Help You:


– For Professionals in the Publication Industry : To secure an entry-level position in the publishing industry where I can use my editing skills efficiently and at the same time gain a comprehensive understanding of the publication techniques for different formats.


– For Marketing Professionals : An experienced marketing professional with demonstrated knowledge of market and customer research abilities seeking a position where I can use my skills to contribute towards positive brand communication.


– For Managers in the IT Profession : To obtain an IT managerial position in a well-established organization where my resourceful experience and technical skills will add value to organizational operations. The position should allow continual and permanent growth in an innovative and goal-oriented environment.


– For Oil & Gas Professionals : [Years] of experience in the oil and gas exploration industry with an in-depth knowledge of practical application of different technologies. Looking for a Field


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