How to Handle Rejections When Job Hunting?

Handling Job Search Rejection

Facing rejection during the job hunt is common and everyone who has ever applied for a job has faced rejection at some point or the other. In fact, hearing a ‘no’ can be more common than hearing a ‘yes’ from the hiring managers while searching for a job. It can get incredibly frustrating to hear ‘no’ for a number of times and does more damage to your confidence. While dealing with rejection is never easy, it is important to not to succumb to the negativity and continue trying until you get the job that is right for you.


Here are some tips to help you keep your spirits high until you get the job you deserve:


1. Don’t feel offended:

Rejection is difficult to deal with, but it is only wise to not take it personally. There are many reasons behind employers rejecting certain candidates. Sometimes it is because the candidate is overqualified for the job, or the employer cannot afford the salary the candidate is asking for, or simply because they have another candidate who has a better skill set and none of these reasons is your fault. Just remember that job hunting is a skill in itself and not everybody is good at it. You can only strive to hone this skill moving forward. Instead of feeling disheartened, believe that there are other suitable jobs for you out there and continue searching.


2. Look at the positive side:

Instead of focusing too much on not getting selected, focus on having learned something through the whole process of applying/interviewing for the job. Consider every failure as a learning experience by introspecting where did things go wrong. Ask yourself–

– Did you give your best during the interview?

– Did you demonstrate your competencies and relevant skills in the best possible manner?

– Did you communicate confidently with the interviewer?

If the answer to any or all of the questions is no, work on improving the problem areas. If not, and you feel you were rejected even after giving your best, it simply means that the company wasn’t right for you.


3. Talk it out:

The best way to get over something that has been bothering you is to talk about it with somebody you are close to and trust. Share your feelings with your close friends and family members. That way you will be able to get all the negativity out of your system and get over the rejection quickly. However, make sure that you have a one-on-one conversation with the person you decide to share your feelings with. Refrain from showing your dejection over social media. Hiring managers nowadays check the social media activity of their potential candidates closely to understand their personalities better. Complaining about getting rejected for a job over social media will only make you come off to prospective employers as unprofessional and you definitely don’t want that.


4. Review your job search approach:

If rejections have been quite a lot and regular in your case, it might also mean that there is something wrong with your job hunt strategy. A lot has changed over the years due to the economic conditions, especially since recessions have become so frequent. Organizations look for candidates who match the job criteria perfectly to make the most of the money they are willing to spend on them. To avoid getting rejected, be selective of the jobs you apply for. Research the role and job responsibilities carefully to understand whether the job is suitable for your skills and experience or not. Apply only if you feel you are right for the role to avoid getting rejected. Also, alter your CV according to the job description to make it clear to the employer why you are the right candidate for the opportunity. Do this and you will definitely see an increase in the number of job interview calls you get.

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5. Keep looking:

There are times when candidates are really hopeful of getting a job offer from a firm where they feel they did really well during the interview and stop looking for any more jobs. However, it is not the right way to search for a job and you should keep looking until you get an offer letter from somewhere. By the end of it, you might have multiple offer letters in your hand and the freedom to choose the best one.

Job hunting requires patience and persistence. Don’t lose heart just because some companies have rejected your application. It doesn’t make you a bad professional. It simply means the companies that rejected your applications weren’t the right fit for you. Carry on with your job search until you get the best one.


All the best!


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