How to Decline a Job Offer over an Email?

Decline a Job Offer

Turning down a job offer is as stressful as applying for a job. Sometimes it happens that the job offer that you initially worked really hard to grab does not appeal you anymore and you have to tell the employer that you are no longer interested. Well, there could be many reasons to decline the job offer, such as:

– The position no longer seems a good match for you

– Your priorities have changed and you are not interested anymore

– More research has attracted you to another job offer

– Relocating doesn’t seem a right option for you now (if that particular job required relocation)

– You have got a more appropriate job offer from another employer

And, the list goes on…

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Whatever be the reason, it is vital that you end the deal on a proper note so that you do not burn the bridges. After all, the world is really small and you never know when you might again get interested in this job at any point of time in the future. Therefore, the idea is to be cautious about how you proceed with conveying this to the recruiter.

However, the questions arise that how to reject a job offer the right way. The simplest way to do this is via a letter or rather an email. Sending an email helps you decline an employment offer gracefully.


Tips To Write an Email Declining a Job Offer

When writing an apology letter for declining a job, keep your letter brief, to the point and polite. Don’t say much about the reasons for not accepting the offer, such as the culture, boss, compensation offered, location, work flexibility or a better offer. There can be other positions with the company in the future that may meet your career prospects in the future. Hence, it’s vital to keep it positive.

An ideal letter should include:

– Subject line

– Greeting

– Appreciation for considering you for the position

– A sincere apology for not accepting the offer at this time

– Your Signature and Contact details


Sample Email (or Letter) for Rejecting a Job Offer

Subject Line: Job Offer – [Your Name]Dear [Name],

Thank you very much for considering me for the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. Unfortunately, I will not be accepting the position and would like to withdraw my application for the job due to some personal reasons.

Again, I would want to express my deep gratitude for taking the time to review my application and regret my withdrawal.


Best Regards,

[Your Name]



Key Point to Remember:


1. Be Prompt

Once you have decided not to accept the offer, be prompt in sending your reply. By not taking the job offer, you are already creating a vacancy for the company which needs to be filled immediately. Hence, take it as your responsibility and communicate your decision as the earliest. It is not wise to keep the offer with you for the last day as it is considered rude and unprofessional. Be respectful of the recruiters’ time.

2. Be Polite

It’s considered good manners to inform the employer so that he/she can move on to other shortlisted candidates for the same job. It helps to maintain a positive relationship with the employer to remain eligible for future job openings with the company.


3. Apologize and Be Thankful

Need not to say, but you can’t afford to make an employer feel that they wasted their time on you.  Therefore, be grateful for the job offer and apologize for not being able to accept it.

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Just follow these rules and keep your options open by avoiding burning the bridges.


All the best!


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