Don’t Miss Out: Top IT Skills in the UAE for 2022

The UAE is fast becoming one of the global technology and innovation hubs and will also see substantial changes as a result of rapid technological developments. The country has seen a significant rise in tech startups in the past few years, which is largely driven by the government’s initiatives. If you are already an IT professional looking for long term growth or a tech enthusiast planning to make a career in this domain, it is very important for you to understand the skills that businesses are looking to fill positions – from a developer to cyber security experts.

These in-demand careers have the most anticipated growth rates for the coming years. In this article, we list the most in-demand IT skills in the UAE for 2022.

1. Software Development: A surge in adoption of digital platforms across industries as well as a significant rise in online activity are leading to a high demand for software developers. Their role nowadays is not just limited to IT companies, they are in much demand across industries.

2. Artificial Intelligence: Software and technology have enabled digital transformation which is now seeing an upward trend in the UAE, opening up several employment opportunities within the tech space. One such skill is Artificial Intelligence. AI is the new buzzword among both job seekers and recruiters.

3. Machine Learning: With an increased implementation of smart algorithms just about everywhere – from marketing campaigns and emails to mobile applications and more, all businesses desperately want to tap the potential of machine learning for their existing systems to make them smarter. Since there is a wide adoption of machine learning across industries, the demand for skilled talent has also gone up a few notches.

4. Big Data: Companies are also willingly to make large investments in big data that includes the hiring of experts as they too want to make the most out of the technology and yield better returns on their investment.

5. Data Science: With all organizations becoming data driven, data science is becoming a crucial skill and it is going to be everywhere. The demand for data scientists has been steadily growing in UAE year-on-year, with talent stemming from across the globe.

7. DevOps: Companies in IT space need professionals who can manage operational elements of building and scaling applications and platforms as well as communicate and collaborate cross-team.

8. Web Development: Businesses continue to lay strong emphasis on hiring candidates who understand the modern web tech stack required to build highly responsive websites and apps. While the core skills for web development have remained relatively stable, there are some older technologies like Java, JavaScript, HTML, .Net, SQL are rising in popularity once again.

9. Open source technologies: (JavaScript, React.JS, Angular, Node and Vue.JS): These skills have always ruled and will not lose steam any soon.

Apart from the core technical skills, all tech professionals also need to possess soft skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, excellent communication and relationship building.

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