Dressing for an Interview: Right Things to Follow

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Going through the classics, you’ll find Act 1 of Hamlet presenting Polonius, who guides his son by saying- ‘ The apparel oft proclaims the man’, meaning a man’s clothing is what he’s known for. It’s quite evident that since the Shakespearean era, the right way to dress has been given immense importance in every walk of professional life.

Gone are those days when men were expected to put a suit and tie on for any business meeting they attend and women were strictly told to be in skirts. However, when it comes to appearing in an interview, you often take a step back and think carefully.

As the global trends are, attire for an interview differs from country to country (especially for women). While, places like Dubai are quite liberal in terms of dressing, there are countries like Qatar wherein traditional clothing also counts valid for an interview.

Here are a few tips that will possibly seal the deal for you. Keep these in mind and you will any day dress right to impress the interviewer and clinch the job offer.


Blend in from the Get Go

The real trick for coming across as a favorable candidate during the whole process is looking like you already ‘fit in’ the company culture, even before securing the job. The best way to do this is familiarizing yourself with employees of the organization beforehand. Once you get a notion of what the workers with similar job profile wear, you can always aim to adopt a similar dressing style.

For instance, if it’s a traditional company you are interviewing with, go for classics. However, a contemporary dressing attire would suit more, if it’s a dynamic organization. Horses for courses often finds the right implementation in this situation!


Subtlety Would Definitely be appreciated

It’s all about being conspicuous in the mellowest way possible. Whenever appearing for an interview, always play subtle as far as dressing is concerned. Your attire should convey the fact that you have a serious approach and put in a lot of efforts to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Wearing anything casual or too flashy might just distract the employer and make you seem ‘over smart’ in a multitude of ways. To sum it up, your ensemble should any day show how focused, resolute yet grounded you are.


Pay Attention to Detail

dressing for a job interview

Well you might neglect it, but a number of employers have the itch to pay due attention to every small detail associated with the candidate. Be it the way you accessorize or the handbag you were carrying on your way inside the room, there’s so much he can gauge you on.

Make sure your shoes are clean, the shirt is freshly laundered and everything you wear is wrinkle free. Women should try and keep their perfume with a subtle fragrance, rather than one which smells pungent. Who knows, it might just take a split-second to spot a hole or a tear, and for you to lose the race.


Going Into the Specifics

For men, basic pointers and reminders might include

–  Making sure your hair are well-groomed.

  Being clean-shaven or with a well-manicured beard. A shaggy or scruffy look is a big no-no.

  Wearing an attire of the right fit. Loose or tight clothes put things off.

  Keeping your fingernails clean

  Wearing a watch, preferably.

For women, it’s just a matter of a few basics

  Paying due attention to details and to grooming- including makeup and fingernails.

  Keeping jewelry and ornaments to a bare minimum.

  Remembering the fact that business suits would any day make you look smarter than anything else.

  No overpowering perfumes

  Wearing a watch, preferably.

Things are numerous to enlist, but the basics revolve around the aforementioned points. Whatever way you dress, just put a smile on your face while entering the room. Things will always go in your favor.

Good luck!

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