Dubai – The best city for Jobs and Career Growth

Job Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai’s job market is popular for offering exciting career opportunities making it one of the most sought-after job destinations among the global job seekers. This is not just, because you will find exciting career opportunities in Dubai and great prospects for career growth but a lot more things. Let us look at the key things that make living and working in Dubai a lucrative option.


Why Dubai is the Best City for Jobs & Career Growth?


1. Job Opportunities in Dubai are ‘Fantastic’

According to a survey conducted by Expat Explorer last year, Dubai ranked 11th among expats, claiming that the city offers fantastic job opportunities. Approximately 28,000 expats living in 159 countries and territories worldwide were surveyed of which 22% of them agreed that jobs in Dubai are indeed great. Additionally, as per the data collected in 2015 by the Dubai Statistics Center, it was discovered that the unemployment rate in Dubai was 0.3% which is one of the lowest around the world. The data also revealed that the employment rate for expatriates was 0.19%.

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2. It is One of the Best Performing Cities

Resonance Consultancy, which is one of the leading advisors in the real estate, economic development and, tourism sectors, in its report ‘World’s Best Cities’ 2019 edition revealed the top ten best performing cities in the world. Dubai was ranked 9th on this list which further justifies why most global job seekers turn to Dubai for their career growth. The rankings are based on 24 factors in six key categories against which the cities are compared.

There is no dearth of good companies hiring in Dubai and new vacancies and opportunities keep coming up for professionals.


3. You can Improve your Earnings in Dubai

According to the HSBC Expat Explorer 2017 Global Report, UAE was ranked in fifth in the Economics league table and 10th in the overall category, which means that it is the fifth best place in terms of wealth and earning prospects. Around 55% of those surveyed said this is also one of their reasons for staying in the UAE as compared to 22% of the expats globally. The report also disclosed that around 55% of respondents said that the work-life balance is better in the UAE than in their native countries. Additionally, 62% of respondents said that their overall quality of life has improved while working in the UAE.

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4. Dubai is the Safest City in the Region

Need another reason to move and look for a job in Dubai? With safety being a major concern nowadays what could be better than the fact that you will be moving to one of the safest cities in the Middle East. Yes, according to the Mercer’s quality of living index 2019 edition, Dubai and Abu Dhabi were ranked as the safest cities in the Middle East region.


5. Dubai is Home to a Multicultural Population

As per various data sources, the population of Dubai in 2016 was 2,504,000 of which 85% constitutes of expatriates. The expatriate population majorly consists of people from Asia primarily from countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. Additionally, the expatriate community also consists of people from Somalia, Britain, and other western countries. In other words, Dubai is home to a multicultural population and you will find from different parts of the world living and working here.

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6. English is Widely Spoken in Dubai

Although Arabic is the official language used not just in Dubai but all over the UAE, English is still one of the most popular foreign languages. This can be attributed to the fact that the UAE was a British Colony until 1971. Additionally, as explained in the previous point, being a multicultural country, many English-speaking expatriates can be found in Dubai. In addition, many multinational companies in Dubai prefer professionals who can speak English.



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