Everything about Administrative Jobs and its scope in the UAE

There are various kinds of administrative jobs around the globe. This is a very broad category that designates a person to perform different administrative support to a group of people in an organization. Let us understand the different types of administrative jobs and what their scope in the UAE is




Administrative assistant is a formal title given to someone who is responsible for providing administrative support to the enterprise. An organization works with many departments like sales, marketing, operations, HR and finance and an administrative assistant is the source of assistance that any of these performing departments require. Usually there is an Admin department responsible for providing support to other various departments. Depending on the type of job a person does, administrative assistants are divided into following categories:

– Executive Assistants/Secretaries: This post exclusively stands for employees who provide support to an individuals or a small group of upper management people. The job description for an executive assistant includes handling private, sensitive and confidential matters of the company and the managers.

– Receptionist: The basic job of a receptionist is to manage the incoming phone calls and visitors.

– Project Assistants: Project assistants are hired by a company for assistance in some particular projects. These projects have a defined goal and an end point.

– Personal Assistants: Personal assistants are hired to provide support to an individual, normally someone from the upper management of the organization.

– Clerks normally handle the small clerical work in an organization

– Production Assistants: They are hired to provide assistance to people and groups in TV production.


What are the duties of an administrative assistant?

As discussed, administrative assistants provide support to the functioning departments of an organization. The support facilitates the flow of an organization and helps in its smooth functioning. They require excellent skills and a level of professionalism in order to assist senior and executive level staff of the company. The primary duties of an administrative assistant include assisting with administrative management, logistics, storage, equipment inventory, managing assets and their inventory, monitoring level of stocks, sourcing suppliers. Other than this an administrative assistant is also required to coordinate between departments and resolve the day to day activities of these departments, schedule and coordinate meetings, send and receive mails, prepare business correspondence, send and manage files and perform multifaceted general office support.


What do employers expect?

The employers expect an administrative assistant to have a combination of skills, knowledge, personal traits, and attitudes. They are required to have strong work ethics, high professionalism, problem solving abilities, technical, interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work with teams.

As far as the educational background is concerned, employers expect a graduate with basic knowledge of Microsoft word and excel. Although there is no specific education needs, there are some countries that provide a certification in office jobs also. This job requires more of experience than knowledge. The employers look out for highly experienced professionals as they want these administrative assistants to manage the functioning of an organization.

Moving on let us study the UAE job market and the scope of administrative jobs there.


SWOT analysis of an Administrative Assistant


The UAE job market

The UAE job market is an optimistic economy that provides a good career growth for any one working in the UAE. The UAE job market is very competitive and growing. Professionals from around the world strive to work in the emirates. The reasons are many, with an option to grow in one’s career to better renumeration, the UAE market is attracting a lot of expatriates to work within the country. 2014 also expects to attract a lot of foreign professionals in the country. Other than the hiring scenario, the UAE also projects an increase in salaries.

In the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the major drivers and it is an established fact that every month there are new international companies turning towards Dubai, hence increasing the hiring rate. Administrative jobs are also considered as one of the high paying fastest growing temporary jobs.


Scope of Administrative Jobs in the UAE

The scope of administrative jobs is directly proportional to the job market in a country. As the organizations and businesses grow, the demand for administrative assistants also sees a rise. In a job market like that of UAE, administrative jobs are always in demand. The country has a growing economy and hence, a lot of companies are shifting their businesses to the UAE. As said earlier, administrative assistants are a crucial part of a company’s functioning and hence the demand rate is going up.

An employer in the UAE generally looks for professionals having a decent educational background (at least senior secondary), experience of 2 years or more in the same field and a good command over the English language. Some employers also expect the applicants to have a good command over Arabic language.

The skills that are required are broadly good communication skills, ability to make connections and networks within the organization, excellent organizational and administrative skills and an easy hand with the computers.


Salaries to expect

The average pay for an administrative assistant in the UAE is approximately around 6000 AED. The minimum salary starts with 2500 AED and the maximum goes up to 16000 AED per month. Although, with these type of jobs salary increases with the increase in the number of years. Experienced professionals can push their employers a bit to pay them more.

Below is a table that tells you the average salary of the different types administrative jobs discussed above:

Administrative job in uae - 4

Source: salaryexplorer.com

Career Path and Future Perspectives

There is no short cut to success when we talk about the career path of an administrative assistant. The growth and future solely depends on the learning abilities and the type of experience one gains while working for an organization. An administrative assistant can get promoted and become an office manager or can shift within the organizations if they develop interest in some particular sector. A common trend is administrative assistants learning about the operations of an organization and moving in that department. Sectors like healthcare and social services require constant support for their growth.

Another advantage today is the growing technology that adds value to the role of an administrative assistant.

So, all in all administrative jobs are evergreen type of jobs where organizations actively look for assistants for the smooth functioning of every department. In UAE, the public sector has some reservations for the Emiratis but the private sector hires professionals from all over the world.

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