Exploring the Aviation Industry in the UAE: How Much do You Know?


For the UAE is one of the most rapidly developing economies on the globe, there are ample reasons that a job seeker would want to score a job in the emirates. However, looking into the industry wise growth, there are sectors that seem to grab eyeballs from around the world. For there are ample things a job seeker in the UAE should be well-acquainted with, factors specific to sectors seem to exist as well.

One such sector is the aviation sector in the country. To talk through crude points, the air travel in here has facilitated the economic growth in a multitude of ways. Adding to the same, the increased trade rates with foreign countries and driving the influx of investments from global leaders, the air travel rate during the last ten years has made an efficient increase of 6% as well.

Be it the emergence of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as tourism, financial and distribution centers in the Middle East or the strategic location that the country holds in the Gulf, reasons are numerous for the aviation growth in this part of the world.


Expansion in the Sector Propelling Economic Growth

 –   It might turn some heads around, but the massive rise in the number of international passengers through Dubai International Airport has given the retail and tourism sectors a high boost in revenue. To flabbergast you further, it also surpassed London’s Heathrow in terms on international traffic during 2014. Not to miss, this also depends on the geographical and time zonal advantage Dubai holds over rest of the Gulf destinations. The same is expected to contribute a chunk as huge as 32% to Dubai’s economy by the year 2020.

–   Talking about Abu Dhabi, the airport here already welcomes a passenger count as high as 18 million every year. Home to the country’s national airline, Etihad, it also hosts Rotana Jet, which provides daily domestic flights from the capital to Fujairah, Sharjah and Al Ain.

–   On the other hand, Sharjah Airport hosts Air Arabia, which is the first low-cost carrier based in the Middle East and North Africa. It has hubs in Casablanca, Alexandria and Sharjah.

–   In Ra’s al-Khaimah the rebranded and relaunched RAK Airlines has been recording a passenger increase of 60%, since 2012. It has also been launching domestic flights all across the country

–   The seamless travel facilitation and the globally acclaimed aviation infrastructure in all Emirati airports has given a further boost to the aviation developmental rates in different parts of the country. For instance, the regime has plans set to develop Al Maktoum International Airport into the biggest on the globe, with an annual capacity of more than 220 million passengers. According to the UAE Information guide and local directory, the aviation sector sheds a major 15% to the country’s USD 46 billion GDP, and has also been a source of 250,000 direct and 225,000 indirect jobs during 2015.


Job Expectations during the Coming Years

aviation industry

As quoted by a number of aviation officials in the UAE, the industry has a bright future during the years to come. It might be the case that hurdles like oil prices and volcanoes persist to form amidst its growth, but emirates like Dubai work on to create 372,900 additional jobs by the time World Exposition knocks on its doorstep. Not only this, but the country also expects a 6.6% CAGR in international passenger traffic by 2017. It’s surely not that difficult to foresee the same, with hub carriers like Emirate and Etihad making it to the top 10 airlines in the world.


How to Score Employment Offers?

Be it the UAE or any part of the world, securing an offer letter from the leading airline corporations is all about a few basics. Here are a few tips that will help you clinch leading job roles in the UAE aviation industry.

The most important quality employers look for, is taking initiatives from time to time. Be it serving the customers or catching up with other flight related chores, you simply need to be on your toes all the time.

Spotting and solving problems on a daily basis is what most of the professionals in this field have to deal with. This calls for unmatchable critical thinking capabilities and impeccable analytical skills. Make sure the same is endorsed and highlighted in your resume and during the interview as well.

Knowing your scope is another aspect to be kept in mind. Aviation roles in the UAE have special licensing requirements that entail specific tasks a person in the industry can perform. Consult the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations in the country and take all actions within the legal boundations.

What employers majorly look for are docile candidates. Make sure that this skill is stressed upon time and again. Leading Emirati airline corporations need customer oriented workers, who know how to obey norms and execute orders. Nothing out of the box required really!


The UAE aviation is a sea of opportunities. It’s up to you to make a run for it. A few basics followed will definitely pave the way to the best of growth avenues.

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