Exploring the Hospitality Industry of Dubai

When we talk about growth in fields of infrastructure, technology, and hospitality, Dubai has indeed taken a giant leap in the past few decades. Being a shopper’s paradise and a popular travel destination, Dubai is renowned for its luxurious hotels and resorts. Dubai hotels have seen an influx of tourists as the government continues to invest billions in building tourist destinations. One may find a number of international hospitality groups venturing in the coveted Dubai hospitality segment.

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Hotel Jobs in Dubai

Dubai maintains the highest standards of services and products in the hospitality sector. It is named among the biggest, the tallest and the shiniest hospitality markets you can find on the globe. All this glitz and glamour requires enthusiastic and seasoned professionals who can take care of the industry by serving the guests with the best of their efforts. Depending on the area of expertise, professionals can opt for specific departments within the hotels and resorts. Most of the Dubai hotels are large-scaled and require a large fleet of working staff. Some of the positions include posts in the areas of –



Service departments

Front desk


Direct operations




These hotel jobs in Dubai require professionals with a thorough knowledge of the hospitality industry and central reservation systems. Employers expect professionals to be skilled and good at networking for business generation and expansion.

Dubai conducts a yearly Hotel Show, which serves as an ideal platform for hospitality professionals to meet, network, and exchange ideas. Hotel Jobs in Dubai also include catering, restaurants and desert tours.

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The Need of the Hour

As already discussed, there is great demand for a skilled workforce in the hospitality sector, which is expected to boom, creating further employment scope for job seekers. Hotel management courses help you grab some good job opportunities in Dubai.

Jobs in Dubai hotels are about swiftness, fun and high energy. Hospitality jobs like these are being preferred over the dull and monotonous 9 to 5 jobs. Working in hotels provides an opportunity to meet new people and cater them in your own special way. Putting a smile on the face of the guests is a good way of brightening up the atmosphere.


The Government’s Approach

The UAE government intends to triple the annual earnings from tourism to almost Dh 300 billion by the year 2020. There is also a plan to double the current number of Dubai hotels. Hotels like Oberoi Hotels and the Conrad are also stepping up their games. A rising number of private enterprises are focusing on materializing plans for building new hotels. Besides, the government is also promoting tourism, working out more destination courses with Emirates Airlines and modifying visa procedures for the tourists. With such expansion plans, the hospitality industry of Dubai is set to soar to new heights, creating demand for more employees.

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Top Dubai Hotels

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

One&Only The Palm

The Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai

Jumeirah Al Qasr

Armani Hotel Dubai

Jumeirah Al Naseem

Atlantis, The Palm

Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf


Dubai’s million-dollar hotel industry is flourishing and needs extra pairs of hands to maintain its success. With an immense scope of employment to offer, it is calling out to those professionals who wish to build prosperous hotel careers in Dubai.


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