Factors to consider before changing jobs

Planning to make a move in your career? Great!

This is a critical decision of your life and therefore, you should not rush to accept any job offer that comes your way without considering some factors. Whether it is about opportunities for growth in your new organization, location, or work-life balance, you should make a choice after evaluating the things that matter to you.

Let’s look at some of the factors that if taken into account before joining a new job can help you land the right job.

Scope for career growth

The reason you usually look out for a job switch is career growth. You would definitely not want to get stuck in a job where there is lesser room for career advancement. Therefore, when you are interviewed, you should also ask some questions about the company’s appraisal policy, scope of growth in the role you are being interviewed for, team size, etc. to get more clarity on future opportunities.

Work-life balance

The pandemic has changed the way we all have been working for years. This also made us understand the importance of work-life balance while all of us stayed with our families and maintained work productivity at the same time. If work flexibility or work-life balance is something you expect from your next job, it is highly recommended that you should understand the company’s culture before you accept a job offer. Try to gauge what a typical workday looks like in the company, does the company provide flexible work hours, how are the leave policies, etc., and then take the call.

Company Culture

Company culture can indirectly or indirectly impact your job satisfaction. In your job interview, never hesitate to ask the hiring manager about the company’s culture, kind of fun activities, dress code, employees’ training sessions, or anything important for you to understand if it is a right match for you.

Added benefits

Many companies provide added benefits to their employees to keep them engaged with the organization. Some of these can be paid vacations, maternity/paternity leaves, retirement plans, childcare facilities, employees’ wellness programs, etc. If you are interested in any specific benefit, you should ask the recruiter to get clarity on it. For example, health insurance is an important factor for employees and it is good to get clarity on such added benefits apart from salary and compensation.

Job location and commuting time

This might not seem important initially when you are excited about joining a new company, but longer commuting time gradually starts becoming a reason of distress for employees due to which they again start looking out for a switch. So, location is another important factor that should be considered if you are accepting a work-from-office job offer.

Hope these suggestions will help you to take the plunge.

All the best!

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