Factors that Turn Off Your Job Seekers in the UAE

Job seekers in today’s competitive job market are skilled, experienced and smart. They believe in accepting the best job offers and perks. The UAE is one of the most popular destinations in the Gulf to live and work. However, if the employers wish to hire the best talent, the professionals need assurance for their promising career in terms of pay package and non-financial benefits.

Not just a hefty pay package, job seekers also look for the fulfillment of their career aspirations. According to a study conducted among professionals in the UAE by a popular professional networking site in 2015, 1 in 10 job seeker in the UAE prefers to accept a pay-cut for working with a company with good reputation. Hence, the hiring companies can turn off their top talent if they do not meet their expectations.


Major Turn-Offs:

A company having any one of these factors is an indicator for the job seekers to think twice before applying for their job vacancy:

High turnover rate

Lack of growth opportunities

Poor leadership

Reputation of being a bad employer and more rumors about job insecurity

More cases of delayed salary payments or reputation of being a bad pay master


Most of the job seekers consider these factors as red flags and therefore, do not hesitate to rule out such company names from their list of preferred employers. Job satisfaction, job security, brand name or career growth are some of the major factors considered by every employee.


What do the Top Employers Offer?

According to a recent survey by ‘The Top Employers Institute, UAE’, some of the top employers in the UAE include Tata Consultancy Services UAE, Dow Chemicals United Emirates, AbbVie UAE, Adidas Group UAE, Technip France – Abu Dhabi, Goodyear Dubai, and DHL. The parameters considered for the selection included employee conditions, employment practices and talent promotion.

These top employers offer more remarkable offerings and perks to their employees, thus, making them a major turn-on for the job seekers.


–  Flexible Work Environment:  

Non-financial benefits such as flexible work environment, appreciation and rewards are the key factors that today’s job seekers look for. The option of working from home when required is an add-on particularly for women. Other things such as bringing children to work in case of emergency and flexible work timings create an excellent work environment for working mothers.


– Time Off In Lieu (TOIL):

It is the time off offered to employees for extra hours worked in addition to the normal working hours in a day.


– Employee Referral Bonus:

An additional benefit for employees is a referral bonus, which they receive upon the selection of candidate referred by them in the company. This way, employees feel connected with the company’s requirements and rewarded for their contribution.


– Loan Repayment:

Most of the top employers are actively including loan repayment as their new offering for employees’ benefit. According to this option, the employer contributes a specific amount towards the payment of an employee’s loan principal repayment for up to a certain time.


– Other Benefits:

Apart from direct perks, the other remarkable offerings most of the employers are putting on their list are subsidy medical insurance, training & development, wellness programs, employee discounts on products and services offered by it, etc.

Hence, for hiring the best talent pool, employers need to think about offerings that are highly valued by the job seekers. By providing the best offer, the company not only attracts the best talent, but also ensures employee engagement and employee retention.

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