How to Crack Your Next Job Interview in Dubai?

Job Interview in Dubai

The growth of non-oil sector jobs in Dubai has been fuelled after the city has bagged the bid to host the World Expo 2020. There is a tremendous increase in job opportunities across aviation, tourism, hospitality, construction and more. Naturally, the aspiring job seekers are seeing stiff competition and are finding it increasingly difficult to seal the deal in job interviews.

To ensure success in a job interview, it is important that you stand out from the crowd and for that creating a good first impression is imperative. The initial few minutes of meeting the interviewer can either make or break your chances of landing a job in Dubai.

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If you wish to make a great first impression that lasts long, pay attention to the job interview tips outlined below:


1. Arrive on time:

Although interviews and meetings usually get delayed, punctuality is still one of the most important traits Dubai employers look for in their candidates. Hence, make sure to reach the interview venue on time to eliminate the possibility of making the interviewer wait for you. Employers directly link punctuality to other traits like reliability and attention to detail. You must strive to reach a little before your scheduled interview slot. However, don’t arrive too early otherwise, the interviewer may feel pressurized to leave his/her current work commitments to greet you. It is acceptable to reach 10-15 minutes early. One thing you can do to get the timing right is Google how much time it takes to reach the interview venue, keep a buffer of 15 minutes and plan your visit accordingly.


2. Dress modestly but smartly:

This tip is especially important for the women candidates. In Arab culture, it is wise to dress modestly and according to what is acceptable by the culture. Men should also refrain from experimenting with their interview attire. If you cannot decide what to wear for the interview, try finding out what dress code do the current employees of the company follow. You can either visit the company campus to see for yourself or call the company HR to confirm the same. Once you have decided what to wear, make sure that it is clean and ironed and you do not have to worry about it on the day of the interview.


Bonus Tip:

One thing men and women must wear is their ‘Smile’. A smiling face instantly puts the interviewer at ease. It shows that you are a confident and a positive person. However, be natural and don’t smile too much. It might give the interviewer a wrong signal that you are nervous. Practice in a mirror to perfect the smile. Also, make sure that nothing is stuck in your teeth before entering the interview room.

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3. Pay attention to how you greet:

An interviewer can judge a lot about their job candidates, especially their confidence levels, just by shaking hands with them. So make sure to wipe your hands so that they are not sweaty and do it when you know no one is watching. If you are someone who struggles with cold hands, rub your hands together to warm them up before meeting the interviewer. When the interviewer finally meets you, stand up and extend your hand. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake. Pay attention to the grip. It shouldn’t be limp or too firm as both are not considered good according to the interviewers.

However, in the case of a female interviewer, this tip applies only when she herself extends the hand for a handshake. You never know if the interviewer is really comfortable with shaking hands or not as it is not a part of the Arab culture. So, don’t rush into it. Wait for their cue. If the interviewer doesn’t extend his/her hand, simply nod your head slightly with a smile on your face.


4. Address the interviewer properly:

Nothing impresses an interviewer more when a job candidate greets him/her by his/her correct name the first time they meet. This is especially valued by those with an unusual name. Therefore, research names of the people who will be interviewing you. Take help from social networking sites or ask the person who contacted you for scheduling the interview. Expat job seekers must try to pronounce Arab names correctly. However, if it is really difficult to get the pronunciation right, stick to a simple Sir/Ma’am.


5. Pay attention to your posture:

Most interviewers judge their candidates by their posture as it indicates their confidence levels and overall outlook towards things. Hence, pay attention to the way you sit and stand. Don’t slouch or shuffle too much. Keep your back straight and your head high. It will show the interviewer that you are a confident person.

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6. Prepare your opening greeting:

In addition to knowing the correct names, it is also important to prepare in advance the opening speech you will use when meeting with the interviewer. Your opening statement should convey your enthusiasm and gratitude for having the opportunity to sit for the job interview. Native job seekers interviewing with a native employer can start the conversation by greeting how locals greet each other, i.e. ‘Assalamu alaikum’. However, it is not necessary for expat job seekers to use the Arabic greeting if they find it difficult to pronounce correctly. They can say something like, “Hello Mr./Mrs. [Name], pleased to meet you. Thank you for meeting me today.”


No matter how badly we wish the interviewer to take notice of things such as qualification and experience, the truth is that creating a great first impression is highly important to ensure job interview success. So pay attention to how you dress up, meet and greet the interviewer the next time you appear for a job interview in Dubai.


All the best!


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