Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions and Tips to Answer

Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Preparation is the key to success. This holds true when you are going to face a job interview. In a job interview, although you can never be sure of what the interviewer will ask, but there are certainly a set of common interview questions that are always asked by every employer.
Therefore, to help you ace your job interview; here are some important common interview questions that are frequently asked by recruiters.
If you are wondering how to prepare for a job interview like a pro, take a look at the top job interview questions and answers and start preparing to crack your next interview.


Top job interview questions and how to answer them



Tell me about yourself

This basic interview question is an icebreaker. Recruiters usually start with this interview question to get a quick idea about your family background, education, interests, and career aspirations. The best way to answer this question is to tell something that is already not there in your CV.
However, this doesn’t mean that you should open your life’s history and share everything about your personal relationships, memories you are fond of, or any other personal experience. Keep it relevant as mostly the next question comes up from what you share in your first answer. This common interview question helps you to build a right platform for your next question with the recruiter.
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What are you looking for in your next position/job role?

This common interview question helps the employer gauge your career aspirations more clearly and identify if you are the right candidate for the job opening. Here, you need to be honest and mention what you are looking for, be it a specific work culture, opportunity to learn new things, and take up new projects.
This is a good opportunity to discuss any role or responsibility you are interested in taking up in your new job.


What do you know about us?

This is the time to show how serious you are about the job offer and how much research you have done about the company. Share what you know about the company’s operations, people, products, services, and other relevant information.
One of the best ways to crack this frequently asked job interview question is to relate how your career aspirations meet the company’s goals, and why you are a potential candidate for the job opening.

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

With this interview question, the employer wants to understand if you have the capability to understand your strengths and weaknesses and how do you plan to overcome your weak areas. Therefore, your answer should not only mention your positives and negatives but also include solutions you have planned to overcome your weaknesses.
This common interview question is also critical for recruiters to judge your decision-making skills as it requires you to first analyze the problem and then come out with a solution too. However, anything that you mention should be related to your job and not anything too generic that has no relation to your professional setup.

NOTE: Correct spelling of Weakness in the below added link -> it should be Weaknesses …

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Why should we hire you?

The best way to ace this question is to share why you are interested in this job and what makes you qualified for the position. Show the hiring manager how you can add value to their team or organization by highlighting the job-related skills, qualifications, and a relevant record of professional achievements. Any employer wants to hire a competitive and self-motivated employee. Therefore, keep your career aspirations clear and share with the recruiter how this job opportunity is something you have been looking for. This makes you look serious for the job vacancy and gives a green flag to the employer for shortlisting you.

Prepare well and be ready to face even any unexpected question that comes your way.


Good luck!


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