How to Get a Job in Gulf without Any Experience ~ 5 Steps!

When you are out of the college and ready to explore a career path, you feel intimidated to face several new challenges. Searching for a job without work experience is a common situation faced by many young professionals and fresh graduates across the world and the Gulf region is not an exception. “If all employers prefer candidates with relevant experience, how can I get my first job offer with a degree in hand?” This is the dilemma of every job seeker who is a beginner and wants a job without much relevant work experience. After all, it’s also true that you can’t get the required experience without a job.

The other side of the story is that with a major focus on cost-cutting, some companies hire less for entry-level jobs and expect job seekers to be ‘job-ready’ to give them more responsibilities. Such developments in the current job market have created a catch- 22 situations for young job seekers. However, there is always a sure shot way to every problem.

Below, the career experts at the ‘Fastest Growing Job site in the Gulf’, have identified some key tips to guide you through the job search process when you have no work experience:


1. Focus on What an Employer Needs

A smart approach to finding a job without experience is to understand what the employer looks for in a job candidate. Every job description mentions the skills or qualifications an employer wants in the job seeker. Therefore, read the skills mentioned in the job description for a job post carefully and make a list of it. These skills can be anything related to the job role offered such as communication skills, technical skills, soft skills, etc.

Your approach should be able to identify your skills that match with the job requirements and use it as your strengths to stand out from the rest of the competition. Share real-life examples, such as stating how you managed an event or a project in your college to demonstrate these skills. However, before applying for any job, match the job requirement with your existing skillset and qualification.


2. Identify and Verify a Potential Employer

Having a well-researched list of potential employers helps you to focus on the right things. Since you are a novice in the job market, knowing where to apply is important. An unplanned job search will not only waste your time and energy, but also leave you clueless about how to prepare for a job interview with a company. Therefore, research rigorously and make a list of top companies that hire fresh graduates in your preferred industry and location. Also, it is important to not to fall prey to unscrupulous hiring agents and know how to identify fake job disclaimers that are nothing but just a job scam. Here’s what you should know to shortlist your list of potential employers:

– Check if the company is always in news for bad reasons (internal conflicts, bad business practices, unethical issues, employee dissatisfaction or strike due to untimely salary payments, etc.)

– Verify the company’s trading activities, contact details, official address on the Internet

– Verify the nature, size, and scope of the company in the Gulf

Several companies mention ‘career’ links on their official websites where job seekers can directly register and apply to their latest job vacancies. It is important to keep a record of companies you have applied for as this helps you to follow up on a timely basis.


3. Prepare a Customized CV

For every job role, customize your CV to fit the employer’s requirements. Since you already do not possess experience in a particular job, it becomes even more important to tailor-made your CV to highlight your skills that are apt for the current job.

Focus on the things learned during the internship programs that you might have taken during your course of study and provide important information about your grades, achievements, initiatives, etc. in bullet points. This makes the key information easily readable to the employer and makes your CV look more organized, which is another skill well appreciated by any employers. However, do not even think of providing wrong or misleading information as any false information can be identified by employers during background verification, leaving you without the final job offer.

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4. Build Your Social Network

Connecting with known and even new people on reliable social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can help you build your career network, which plays a crucial role in job search nowadays. Joining online groups or communities in the UAE can enhance your opportunities to learn a lot about available job opportunities and what’s new in the job market. You can also join any part time job in your starting phase of career which will help you to find full time jobs in gulf. Building a robust career network makes you visible to employers who are increasingly relying on social media to find their potential employees.


5. Be Realistic and Keep Learning

This is a fact that there is no dearth of top talent for employers in today’s competitive job market. Therefore, you should remain realistic when it comes to your first job expectation in terms of salary and other benefits. However, here we are not saying that you should not aim high but be realistic about what you expect from the employers. Moreover, never stop learning to make a great career in your field of interest. Learning always helps in grooming your overall personality, professional and personal development. If required, get special training courses or a mentor who can guide you in your career progression.

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To not feel disappointed at any stage of your job search, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of hiring managers and analyze what can make them feel promising about your candidature. Doing this, you will get all the answers about what makes a compelling case for you from your CV to cover letter, and interview preparation to follow up.


All the best!


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