Do You Know: Everyday Habits That Make You Look Unprofessional

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Do you feel that your coworker and boss secretly hate you? Your manager does not trust you completely when assigning tasks and micromanages your work. Your colleagues don’t want to be assigned projects that you are a part of. They avoid you and don’t even feel the need to keep you in the loop when sharing important updates with the manager. If you have faced one or more similar situations, one reason could be that you are surrounded by disagreeable people. However, if you get the same feeling from each and every person of your team, it is something that you should not take lightly. Since you get a negative vibe from almost everybody, maybe you are going wrong somewhere. One of the things could be that some of your habits are making you look unprofessional. When we are working in a professional environment, there is a certain decorum that has to be maintained. Failing at it may annoy those who are working with you and can lead to you feeling low and negative.

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It is important to check that we observe our actions closely to avoid trouble with our coworkers and boss. However, there are certain bad habits that we don’t even realize are sabotaging our reputation as professionals. Here are a few such common habits that everyone should keep under check:


1. Being Late

Punctuality is the quality that everybody admires in a person. It is okay if you get late for work once in a while but making it a frequent practice is simply rude. People who always come late for work are popular among their managers, but for a wrong reason. Not being on time shows that you are too casual about your work and managers will have a hard time trusting you with tasks assigned to you for the fear of you not completing them on time.

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2. Using Profane Words

Not using profane words in a professional setting is common sense. Yet, most people engage in this habit without even realizing. Some professionals have this belief that the common use of profanities is acceptable in a professional setting. Irrespective of how unusual your workplace might be, swearing is the biggest sign of unprofessional behavior.


3. Complaining

Not everything can be perfect in an office. It is also not possible that people will agree with each other all the time. What’s also a fact is that complaining won’t resolve issues that you may have with your colleagues or with how things run in your office. While complaining can help you feel better sometimes, don’t make it a habit to constantly complain about petty issues. It can be really annoying for your colleagues.


4. Being Disorganized

As professionals, you are expected to be quick in your response when asked about something. If you keep losing important documents or fail to complete your projects, it becomes frustrating for your colleagues and manager.


5. Nail Biting

We have been told this since childhood. People bite their nails because of nervousness which is not a quality that people look for in a professional. Also, it looks gross and distracting to some people.


6. Unrealistic Optimism

Nothing puts off a manager more when an employee shows unrealistic optimism in a situation which has clearly gotten out of hand. This attitude damages your reputation as a professional.


7. Talking Too Fast

Besides sounding incomprehensible to the person you are talking to, speaking too fast makes you look inept and out of control. Most people do it either because they are nervous or because they are unprepared.


The job market is getting competitive with more and more people working hard to gain good degrees. In order to maximize your chances of career advancement, be sure to steer clear of the above-mentioned unprofessional behaviors.


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