How can freshers search for a job during the current crisis?

The current situation has come with its own set of challenges and affected everything from businesses to the job market and individuals.

While we all are doing our bit to control the deadly coronavirus, we should not let it down our morale and stop us from looking for something better for our careers amidst this turbulence.
Technical Skills for Job Search

If you’re a fresher looking for a job, the following tips can help you:

1. Update your CV and keep applying

A good and a professional CV can multiply your chances of success in landing up a job interview. Update it and start applying for jobs. In case you don’t hear back from recruiters, don’t feel demotivated. Understand that times are equally uncertain for them too. They might take their time to evaluate all the CVs that they have received.

Do not let this stop you from applying the jobs that match your skills, experience, and profile. If you have lately learned any new skills or have upskilled yourself on something, mention the same in your CV.

Go through these tips to make your CV stand out:
• List technical skills
• Use ‘action’ words such as achieved, awarded, organized, led, assisted, etc. to summarize your points
• Highlight your work or a project as a college volunteer, if any
• Use positive words to describe yourself and your achievements

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2. Keep a cover letter handy

Cover letters can be as important to your job application as your CV. While a CV is a fact sheet, a cover letter serves as a quick summary of your work experience, skills, and qualification. It lets recruiters to quickly skim through your profile and offers you to pitch your skills in a way that the CV cannot convey.

However, be careful to not to use the same cover letter for all the jobs. Customize it according to the job you are applying to. Look out for the necessary keywords in the job description and add them if they match with your skills and work history.

Wondering how to write a cover letter? We’ve got you covered. Read our cover letter writing tips  .

3. Check out for companies hiring

Look out for the companies that are hiring now and filling in the urgent positions. Example, since the market for healthcare and pharma products, has grown; these industries are on an active lookout for volunteers and professionals who can join them immediately. Keep doing regular interventions and optimize your search accordingly.

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4. Take up a part-time remote job

Be a freelancer and look out for projects aligning with your skills and qualification. Freelancing offers you to choose projects of your choice and avail the flexibility of working from any location at your own convenience. It is a sure-shot way to earn extra while keeping your skills sharp. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, many companies across industries like Healthcare and Pharma are looking out for professionals who can help them manage their critical roles. Look out for such jobs and companies that are hiring and make the most of this time.

5. Practice for a virtual interview

You might have come across many walk-ins or in-person interviews; however, a virtual interview can be a tricky one. The current pandemic has decreased the importance of face-to-face meetings and employers are now more gearing up for virtual interviews to fill in their urgent roles. A virtual interview lets you practice social distancing, which is of utmost importance to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

As soon as you accept the request for a virtual job interview, check the working of your systems, network and the video conferencing tool to avoid any last-minute hiccups. Practice your answers but do not cram them.


Do not feel low because of the current stay at home restrictions. Adapt a healthy lifestyle and a productive routine and be determined to make the most of the prevailing situation.

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